Thursday 25 July 2013

Summer Break

photo - Philip Newton 

Finally the warm and relaxed days so close by….
Tomorrow we are leaving for 3 weeks holiday and I just can't tell you how much I need it. 
We are going to see family and friends and enjoy being there for our boys. 

I wish you a fab summer
and I'll see you back here in a couple of weeks!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Bloomingville - teener room

Can anyone explain me why such an inspiring brands like Bloomingville  or House doctor  don't have a children room section?  ( happily there is a Ferm Living with a big range of products for kids  ) The companies would like to decorate our kitchens, living rooms , bathrooms and gardens and it looks like the children's room is kind of left over. We can just pick up few things from their collection and put them to a children's room. That's what I just did for this post. Betina Stampe (owner of the Bloomingville) has 4 daughters, so it's even more interesting there is not special girl department ;-)  but with a lot of pink and gold it is a very feminine collection (I think!) 

Today I'm showing you a new Bloomingville collection for fall/winter 2013 
where there is only ONE modern teenager's bedroom photo!  ;-)

For the ones who don't know the company. Bloomingville is a Danish brand established in 2000. 
It started with two people Betina & Simon Stampe, 
and grew into established company of 40 employes and 40 agents around Europe. 
 " The unique Bloomingville's style is a mixture of raw products with a nostalgic scandinavian twist and reproductions of fantastic pieces from times past inspired by French brocante " . 
You can watch the new catalogue here : bloomingville

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Rafa-kids set F&A whitewash for two girls

Rafa-kids set F&A whitewash for two girls

Rafa-kids set F&A whitewash for two children

I'm a mom of two boys, so probably subconsciously I go for more boys' style elements in our Rafa-kids design. If someone will ask me what girls have in their rooms, I will have to think twice, before I will give you an answer ;-) When I was a child , I was always playing with boys and I don't remember having any pink or princess time in my life. My mom was also pretty cool with making more unisex costumes for me. Accully I have always felt that I will have sons myself. 

So now, when I have to think about some ideas to decorate a girl's room with our Rafa-kids beds, it's not so straightforward. This is our first photo session with F&A beds in whitewash color. I hope you like it….

I was trying to imagine simple, beautiful design objects for a modern girl's room. The linen plaid (on the bunk bed)  makes it more soft and the coral color is so beautiful with blue. I'm such a big fun of Bloomingville plaid with crosses in neon. Soft and very comfy.  After Summer brake ( which starts for us on Friday and will take 3 weeks) I will come back to you with much, much more ideas to inspire you. 

Big thanks to Loods5 for support. 
If you like any of the products you can find them here in NL : 
 " Nobody chair " from HAY, Unfold pedant lamp black from MUUTO , 
milk small lamp, clock, cotton ball lights : all at Loods5
Pillows and blue plaid - Zara home
Plaid and pillow with cross pattern  Bloomingville at debijenkorf

Friday 19 July 2013

Children's swings for indoor play

swing inside for children
swing at  living room
modern swing for indoor play

When I saw this great article about children's swings for indoor play 
at  Remodelista blog, I had to show you this!  
I think it's great idea to have a nice swing inside also in your living room.

We have a very hot Summer at the moment so the kids love to play outside, of course. 
My older son is not such a big fun of very high temperature and he like's to stay inside a lot too…
only ice cream, can take him out ;-) 

swing for indoor play
all the photo's from here remodelista: the last one CASAMICA magazine. 

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Curated by Fine Little Day / Wallpaper

Have you already seen the new project ran by talented Elisabeth Dunker from Fine Little Day brand ? 
She was invited to curate a collection of five wallpaper designs for a Photowall
Elisabeth selected her 5 favorite artists: 

Each of them designed unique pattern and they were all presented last week on Fine Little Day blog. 
My favourite is the black and white one made by Mogu.
I would like to see it in some more modern children's room, it's looking so playful and graphic. 
There is a giveaway ran at the moment , just have a look : Wallpaper giveaway

The other news is, that Fine Little Day got married with Little red stuga brand! 
I find it very interesting, that they will work together 
and I'm curious what beautiful products they will bring to us! 

Sunday 14 July 2013

Brio Toys

We are loving and collecting Brio Toys for a long time. 
They are not only playful and beautiful, it is pleasure to look at them, when they stay in your living room for  a while ;-) My boys have a big collection of railway trains and we will put them into a big box for our grandchildren (if we will have ones ;-) but definitely this is a toy which you are happy to invest money in. These photos are made by J. Ingerstedt at home of stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg. I really like the scandinavian feel of it, and the bold colors of toys. 
picture's from :

Thursday 11 July 2013

let's SWING with Rafa-kids

Rafa-kids at Inside design amsterdam

Do you remember Rafa-kids at Inside Design Amsterdam last year ? 
We made for this event a swing based on our R toddler bed wheel. 
So many parents and kids have fun and keep asking us  :  
when we can buy it ? It took us some time , but today he is : 

We have chosen the rope in yellow and black.
Attach it to a tree, attic beam or ceiling and try to get your kids off it! ;-) 
Rafa-kids S swing in the studio
simple design swing Rafa-kids
swing for kids from rafa-kids

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Safari Daybed - Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen

Safari Daybed - at Lotta Agaton home
Safari Daybed - Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen
I saw this Daybed for the first time at the pictures of Lotta Agaton home. I just couldn't find out who the designer was. Now I know! It is designed by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen from Denmark in 1962. 

Originally intended for his son who was on a camping trip. With practice, daybed assembles in 2 minutes and it is easy to carry. The bed comes in a handy bag with shoulder strap. Safari daybed can be used for many things : sun bed, daybed or as a great guest bed. Day bed is a very green product that doesn't require screws for assembly. It is looking so light and comfortable at the same time. 
Great piece of design which never goes of of style! 

Safari Daybed - Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen
Safari Daybed - Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen
Daybed - Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen

First photo Lotta Agaton house / photographed by Pia Ulen
Rest photo's from here : safari-daybed

Monday 8 July 2013

Unisex room for two kids

room for two kids
Susanna Vento via: nordicdesign
room for two kids black&white
bunk bed in white
scandinavian children room with bunk bed
via: caisak

I think the pink for girls and blue for boys is over ;-) 
It's really time to look differently and try to use other colors. The most easy way to create unisex room will be use the natural tones and materials, like I am showing you on the pictures….but, of course kids love colors so they might not be so happy with that 'boring' choice. The other nice option will be to create black and white room, great for boy and a girl, and then a splash of bold, basic colors, which give the personal touch to it. What will be your favorite color for a unisex room for two kids ? I'm curious. 

Here you can find more tips how to create a unisex bedroom for kidsinteriorcollective 

nursery room in white

Sunday 7 July 2013

Rafa-kids A teen bed whitewash

bed for a teen  tenager seng

I hope you like our photographs series of Rafa-kids white wash beds
Today our bed for an teenager - A teen bed, which you can also use as a day bed. We really like the simple line of the design and we didn't want to disturb it to much with strong elements. I wanted to have a calm and a bit soft atmosphere, so that's why I got this nice white teen shoes! The pattern of the cover bed is a bit boyish so we can have sort of uniform bed - for boy or a girl. Our studio is such a perfect place. Almost around the corner so we can just step out there any time we like. I find it a real luxury. 

I hope you got a great sunny weekend! We are enjoying the hot days out here. 

modern design teenager bed  tenager seng

Saturday 6 July 2013

Danish children's furniture - Olivier

møbler til børn
møbler til børn
køjeseng Danish children's furniture - Olivier

The Danish interiors are having most of the time white base and then touch of colors and textures. I like this classy furniture brand for children called Olivier Maybe not exactly for the furniture collection , but more for the simplicity and atmosphere of light, space and beauty on their website. 

danish bed for a child

Friday 5 July 2013

minimalist nursery from the animal print shop

I found this modern nursery project on the website of The Animal Print ShopThis place is an online gallery and storerun by Sharon Montrose and her husband SpancerThey not only have a beautiful animals prints, but they also help parents to create interesting interior for they child. I really like this concept and this beautiful room. " Clean, crisp, and sophisticated, baby Dash’s Los Angeles nursery is our second Animal Print Shop Nursery Project " I think it's not so easy to find very basic, beautiful nursery, without to much unnecessary things. Simple, modern furniture which safe the space and then  just a bit of modern, graphic and also soft accessories. Poster with the Elephant make it so complete! 

list of the products : baby-elephant-nursery-room-sources