Tuesday 23 April 2013

Small playful room for children

This small room is so playful! 
You don't need a lot of space to create such a great room, do you? The two beds are lifted from the floor and that opens all the possibility to hide and play. There is a small storage under the loft bed, and simple table close by the window. What we need more? 
All the pictures from: saracamre

Monday 22 April 2013

Colors inspiration chocolate & orange and Paul Smith

I just can't wait when we will get our new F bunk bed in a chocolate color. 
We expect to welcome it in our new studio in mid - May. Then we have the photo shoot session with wonderful Paulina Arcklin. I really love the dark bed and I think there is so many possibilities for styling and to make a great room for an child.
My absolute icon in colors is Paul Smith. His way of putting colors together is absolutely genius . The orange and the indigo are my very favourite at the moment. I see also the brown colors coming to his winter 2013 collection. Paul Smith has classic elegant style, but with a very modern way to play with colors, and of course high quality details, always a bit different and unexpected. I cannot wait to start to play with our styling and create these sort of colorful surprises with our furniture ;-) 

Modern child room with F bunk bed in chocolate color + graphic touch of orange products :

1/ bedding set merci-merci  2/ pillows and rug  http://oyoy 3/ AG poster playtype

Friday 19 April 2013

At home with Le Dans La

I discovered the magic world of ledansla blog  2 years ago, 
at the very beginning of my own blogging history. Stylist and photographer Aurélie Lécuyer is capturing her every day life in a beautiful way. Actually you never have the chance to see her all house, you see only details, her 2 children plying ( and a new born very recently!)  It is sort of a secret way to watch her life.  That's how it is for me. 
When I saw for the first time her ALL house at thesocialitefamily this week, the charm was over! ;-) no , it wasn't,  it just finally gave me a new perspective. My first feeling was - what an  amazing open and full of light space ! Then step by step, you will discover all the textures, objects which I already knew from her blog. 
I hope you like it too. 

all pictures via : thesocialitefamily

Thursday 18 April 2013

Krethaus - modern furniture for children from Argentina

When I saw Krethouse for the first time a while ago, I was so jealous! 
Yes, jealous, that this modern and young company has already so many products (I can't find when they exactly started. Their website says 2013! ) they not only have beds for children, they have desk, and a table, an bedside cabinet and so many accessories: bedding, pillows, plaids , rugs - almost all things which you need to decorate a nursery or child's room. I think it will take Rafa-kids 10 years to achieve such a big collection ;-) ! One thing is of course big budget to do something like that but the second is, that a good design just TAKES TIME! We need around one year to market a good design product… 

Krethaus is based in Buenos Aires and they are definitely going for a simple, modern look , using wood and natural materials for their accessories. Soft and elegant I will say. 

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Wood and cement modern accessories from Thinkk-studio

If you follow my blog for a while then you probably notice I like simple design objects with a twist. 
The Thinkk-studio is from Thailand. Ploypan Theerachai  and Decha Archjananun are the creative duo behind it. I noticed already for some time now, that concrete is used in design objects a lot. The raw industrial materials are entering our houses not only as construction, but also as small accessories like lamps and vases. Do you like it ? I do. The cement wood lamp , with a bit of color is my favorite. Truck is not a toy for children but it helps us organize things on working  desk . 
Simple and fun!  all the pictures from they website : thinkk-studio.com

Monday 15 April 2013

Give the furniture second life - Secondalinea

We are so much into finishing our Rafa-kids studio at the moment. 
Every day we would like to go and do something out there. We see that we're almost there.  

When I saw this simple, raw and full of space, studio of Francesca Danna Costa and Giovanni Mazza, I was in love. You don't need so many things to create character and beauty, if the space have a soul already, I think. This italian studio Secondalinea is giving second life to old furniture, some of them you see on the photos: re-used wood, old industrial pieces and a lot of space to breathe. I really could work there!  
Photo's are from Secondalinea blog made by photographer - Fabrizio Cicconi. 

Secondalinea studio you can also find in the May ELLE Desoration NL. 

Sunday 14 April 2013

One Nordic - furniture from Norway

I would like to show you One Nordic company form Norway, 
not only because of the beauty of their furnitures and accessories. 
The company is founded by Joel Roos and Stefan Mahlberg , and they have an idea that I really like : " Most design furniture costs a fortune and is for this reason not accessible. We do not claim to be the cheapest, but we aim for our quality products to also be fairly priced. " They also try to optimize their shipping by smart design and compact packaging. At Rafa-kids we share the same principles and I truly believe this is the way to go in our times. 

Some of One Nordic products : 
  Pal Stool from Hallgeir Homstvedt  
 wooden bowls designed by Skogstad, Homstvedt and Anderssen & Voll, 
Bento chair from FORM US WITH LOVE and they Lamp Levels, was chosen to be the best product of the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013!

Saturday 13 April 2013

Serenissime kids store in Lyon

Let me introduce you to a magic place called Serenissime , created by Christelle Roumejon. 
It is a charming and poetic kids store, definitely not only for children but also for their parents. Surely it's non-conventional and inspiring place to see . I'm very happy to tell you, that Rafa-kids was asked to enter this magic world. I will tell you more about it soon….If you want to see all the beautiful products selected by  Christelle , just step by Serenissime Facebook page, where there is many pictures from the boutique.