Wednesday 25 May 2011

Book- Mijn doedel boek.

“Mijn doedel boek”, originally from Germany- “Kritzelbuch” publish by Leminiscaat in the Nederland; it’s made by Frankfur am Main, living artists. Inside are only black and white drawings, and children have to finish them. I find it great in helping to get to know your own personality and see what you have in mind. Super.

 You can see water drops all over the page– who is going under the shower?

 Empty plate, with fork and knife – what is your favorite pizza?
 artist working on the book :
Kirsten Fabianski, Zuni Fellehner, Christopher Fellehner, Anke Kuhl, Jorg Muhle, Moni Port, Natascha Vlahovic, Philip Waechter and Claudia Weikert. 

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Inspiratie – artist – designer Kellie Smits

I should have started my blog with this post. That’s how my interest in the blogging world began.
Some time ago I saw a house of Kellie Smits in a magazine vtwonen. I didn’t know, who she was, so I started my internet search. I was reading, reading, and reading, finding more, and more interesting web pages about design, and about great people behind it.
I got really inspired by all of it, I still do.
Kellie Smits is artist and designer standing behind a company cold Buisjes en Beugels  BB+++ 
a Dutch designer label focused on kids.
You can read about her, on one of my favourites web pages:.  bloesem  and  pirouetteblog.

Kellie Smits, is just introducing her new beautifull product: the INSECT table! 

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Monday 23 May 2011

Design – Wallpaper from Little Hands

Little Hands is a Portuguese decor company owned by Leonor Feijó and Marta Belo, producing beautiful wallpaper murals for children.
Lonor Feijó, finished her BA in photography in London, but now photography became her hobby and illustration is her passionate work. Marta Belo, is an architect, she teaches drawing lessons, and the rest the time she dedicates to illustration. I think its really nice mix of talents. The wall papers have something from Alice in Wonderland, a bit of Japanese way of drawing, the subtle colours, and lightness, I really like it. Here you can see more images: Little Hands

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Friday 20 May 2011

My design - tree house for children

Does every boy dream about a tree house?
My husband told me that! And he didn’t have one, when he was small…
but is never to late, isn’t it?
He built a tree house to play together with our sons! Its got sand box under and hidden bridge connecting it with the deck by the house. You have to ring the bell hanged by the stairs to be allowed to enter this little paradise. 

 here my husband at work ;-)

 and here we go! 

Thursday 19 May 2011

Polish children book illustration - Gabriela Cichowska

I want to write more about polish illustration for children books. It’s really inspiring and interesting world. There has always been a very high graphic standards among polish artists, many talented people are out there!
Today I want to show you really young artist (1984) - Gabriela Cichowska.
Her debiut  book SŁONIĄTKO/FANTJE text by Adam Jaromir
won a Opera Prima – prise in Bologne Children Book Fair . (sort Oscar in the children books world). Gabriela Cichowska is still a student, and now working on her final project in The Art School in Krakow. Her beautiful web page : Gabriela Cichowska
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------a kto chciałby wiedzieć więcej o niej samej, może przeczytać wywiad z autorką - tutaj

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Tuesday 17 May 2011

Book – MoMA collection for Children

Museum of Modern Art NY, has really interesting products for children.
I really like the sketchbook “ Make ART Mistake”. Don't you think it's a great concept?

Monday 16 May 2011

Books - David A. Carter

David A. Carter is an author of dozen masterpiece pop-up books.
They are for me new and very different, sort of movable sculptures. Carter made:
and a bit older book from 2006 Woof! Woof!  is also really amaizing.
Here is his oficial site not really good, I think.
He lives in Auburn, California, with his wife and two daughters.

Sunday 15 May 2011

Schools in La Courneuve - France.

Colour for today? What about orange ?
Strasbourg based-practice dominique coulon & associés has created 'josephine baker'
a group of schools in La Courneuve, France. 

 image © eugeni pons photography