Monday 31 October 2011

Dutch Design - Annebet Philips

 "Lamps that don't really like lamps. The characteristics of LED lights give new possibilities in lighting design. Because of non-heating light bulbs, a lamp can be a soft mouldable object. " 
Annebet Philips is standing behind this awesome prototypes. Info : annebetphilips
Have a nice Monday! 

Sunday 30 October 2011

Happy Industries

Can you believe this big bear pillow is knitted? So great isn't it? I really love the 'wooden' pillows" also…so did my sons!  We saw them during the Dutch Design Week. I think they will look awesome in some children room. Happy Industries has also many other objects for kids. Do you like vintage classic furnitures for children ? I just wrote about theme here design-loves-kids-expo  Just check it yourself at : Happy Industries

DDW design loves kids expo - Eindhoven

This weekend I was so happy to join the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. It is an amazing event which involves all the city. The October sun was there and great, inspiring atmosphere too! Where could I start? I did in Hal-2 on Hallenweg 1&2 with a small exhibition " kids love design" . What a pleasure to watch all the classic small chairs for children designed by famous names. I really like the way this exhibition was made with a graphic touch. My good old favorite chair designed by Thonet which I used to have at home and which I don't mind to have in the "grown up" version. The beautiful Denish Kristian Vedel chair and Keith Hartig - "Rocker " make me always smile. At the end a small competition - and the price was Bronto chair from Richard Hutten - what did kids have to do? Of course - Design a chair! Fold a special paper and decorate it! 

Thursday 27 October 2011

Book - Zbyt Późno - Illustration Camilla Engman

Still warm and just out of the press! Giovanna Zaboli book " Too late" with amazing illustration of the Swedish artist Camilla Engman translated into Polish! wowowo I'm so proud. The small publisher called "Entliczek" just started! It is their first published book. What a great choice! Camilla Engman is a really talented artist and illustrator and if you didn't came across her work yet just visit her blog here : camillaengman.blogspot   and the first review of the book here : . I just can't wait to have this treasury book.  

Huraaaaa ! Przepiękna książka Giovanna Zaboli przetłumaczona na język Polski! W środku uczta dla oka ponieważ  ilustracje wykonane są przez bardzo zdolną artystkę ze Szwecji Camille Engman. Jest to jej  pierwsza książka dla dzieci. Co jest niezwykle, małe wydawnictwo "Entliczek" właśnie zaczyna swoja działalność i jest to również ich pierwsza opublikowana książka. Wspaniale! więcej informacji o autorce możecie przeczytać tutaj :znak-zorro-zo w języku polskim, lub zajrzeć na blog ilustratorki tutaj : camillaengman oczywiście koniecznie trzeba odwiedzić wydawnictwo gdzie książeczkę można zakupić : ;-) tutaj

materials from Entliczek and Camilla Engman blog , the last photos are showing working process of the book...

Monday 24 October 2011

Louisiana - Paul Klee&Cobra exhibition

On our way back home from holiday in Sweden we visited Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. I was there for the first time during my studies and I love this place ever since. The Museum is close by Copenhagen on the famous "Strandvejen". It is a road  just on the cost line with a beautiful houses fronting it. The Louisiana is also on the seaside with amazing park with sculptures. It is really a must visit if you are around. Its difficult to write how amazing this place is. 

Lucky enough - now it is running an exhibition of Paul Klee& Cobra with special interest and fascination in the child's world and creativity. I really love Paul Klee's drawing and I was so happy to walk together with my older son, see it and talk about it. What a great day it was! I bought this book " Paul Klee for children" to have even more ideas to play with my boys and definitely its so inspiring! 

official site of museum here :

Sunday 23 October 2011

Back from Sweden

I would like to stay in Sweden for longer.  I love the nature there and it is so quiet, so empty . The forest in Autumn colors….Walking, walking ,cleaning your head and thoughts. No internet, no computer, no calls. How to keep this state of mind for longer?

Beautiful nature and beautiful design. I couldn't avoid buying some home goodness and children clothes there. Its my big weakness . When I found little shop selling Marimekko I just couldn't leave with my hands empty ;-) I have to restart and get in the rhythm again. I will be back here soon.

Friday 14 October 2011

Autumn holiday

Its October…time of apples and plums, time for my son birthday. 
Robert is number 1 today. 
It was an amazing year full of changes and big steps in his life. He is a happy spirit and strong temper. Hat and scarf made by mum even Robert hates to have anything on his head ;-) We had sweet day today.

Now I'm going to pack. We going to visit Sweden for a week.
So please just don't forget me ;-) Have a nice weekend. Agata