Friday 24 February 2012

Winter Holiday

It's time for a small break. I'm going to be one week in this amazing house (from 1901!) hidden in French Alps.
 I can't believe it myself. Three families - 6 kids - its already looking like a dream holiday. 
We go for snow and ski - we go for fun and long evenings with friends ;-) 
See you again in one week. Agata

I still need to pack my boys....;-/

Thursday 23 February 2012

Awards for the Polish Books

 Gosia Gurowska
Anna Niemierko
Monika Hanulak
Marta Ignerska

Few days ago a Polish illustrator Marta Ignerska won a Bologna Children Book Fair Award in the category Non fiction . Wowowow ! The book "Wszystko gra" written by Anna Czerwinska-Rydel  is about music and instruments with an amazing graphic illustrations - You can see this book on Marta's site here : . All story started with Magda Kłos-Podsiadło and Bożena Samojluk-Ślusarską , two women who 3 years ago established publishing company called Wytwórnia. They want to bring something different to the polish market, something ambitious with a high quality illustrations. They were already in Bologna for their book " Tuwim " illustrated by the 7 young artists from the new generation. That's not all! Book " Pampilio" Ireny Tuwim illustrated by Monika Hanulak got also awarded with the "Best Book Design From All Over the World 2012 " from Stiftung Buchkunst/Book Art Foundation in Frankfurt. Don't you think its really impressive ? Congratulations! I cross my fingers for even more amazing books made in Poland ! 

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Furniture from Sweden

Zweed is a Stockholm based company founded in 2010 by Håkan Johansson. " Zweed have a close collaboration with Peter Lynch when it comes to product development and the making of prototypes. Zweed's mission is to make a difference. Not only by designing and producing striking, handcrafted, quality furniture (...) but also to do it in a responsible, sustainable way. " I really like the modern look of the furniture and I think they will look amazing in any child room ;-) (not only of course! ). Especially the funny cupboard for hiding all the toys! What a great colors and simple shapes! 
materials via :

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Kids wallpaper from Onszelf

Did you already know the wallpaper of the Dutch designers Onszelf (Ourselves)? It is a lifestyle brand run by two designers Astrid Nieuwenburg and Claudia Drube. They started in 2003 and have already 700 shops selling their work! ;-) I'm not really into wallpaper decoration but I find it really interesting to see the work of this talented duo. This time with so beautiful styling made by ANOUKB and  photograph by Marjon Hoogervorst
styling ANOUKB / photo's Marjon Hoogervorst

Monday 20 February 2012

Fold In Fold Out - Paper Globe & Thread Lid

Do you like paper crafting and folding? One of my big dreams is to go one day to Japan - to discover this beautiful country with big love for paper and craft. I really like the simple Thread Lid design by Azumi Mitsuboshi made in Japan. And what about this Geografia’s Sectional Globe - isn't it amazing?  and the Fold IN Fold OUT book which became a design icon? Single piece of paper that can be folded 16 different ways to produce 32 different patterns or possibilities! Fold IN Fold OUT is a signature design from The Origata Design Institute in Japan. I took this inspiration from always an amazing place to visit…. uponafold

Tape hook Paper Stamps and Torafu Architects

Can you believe all this design is made by one architects office? Torafu Architects have even more amazing projects and of course also architecture. I'm really fascinated by work of Koichi Suzuno (1973) and Shinya Kamuro (1974) from Japan. They founded they office in 2004 and since then are spreeding they talent designing interiors, shops, products, installation and film making. The simple stamp kit is so great!  Can I do it by myself ?  ;-) and the colors and simplicity…yes, no words needed. 

materials via:

Sunday 19 February 2012

Kids app - Het Lettercircus

Would you like your child to learn alphabet in a playful way? Is he/she about 5 years old and getting interested and recognizing letters all around? Then maybe this is great app for you. We discovered Het Lettercircus from Rian Visser this weekend and my son just loves it! Unfortunately its only available in Dutch! Rian Visser wrote the story of the letter circus when her son was five years old. He discovered that many items look like letters, and they both started searching….banana looking like C ? or some apple skin like later e ?  In the book Fien lives with her father Joe in a caravan in the dunes. Together they will go to discover the fascinating word of letters. There are characters hidden in all the drawings that your child will have to discover. The letters make a sound when clicked. Mark Janssen made the beautiful drawings of the letter circus. First he drew everything on paper and then turned it into colored the digital image. Its just a great app !  ;-) 
  you can find the app here : app/het-lettercircus/

Check these great 10 rules on how to create a high quality kids app
 ( or maybe more how to  recognize a high quality kids app!  ) via: Kind Kids App rules 

Saturday 18 February 2012

Eames House Blocks

This is definitely a toy for fans of modern design classics - I'm sure for architects ;-) The Eames House desinded by Charles and Ray Eames  is a landmark of mid-20th century modern architecture. We can put together all the blocks and replicate the couple's Case Study house No.8. When we take it all apart, the blocks feature letters, numbers and symbols from the Century Modern font collection. Each set of 36 basswood blocks represents 29 separate hand-pulled screen passes. Alphabet blocks might be considered kids play, but I would happily display and enjoy them on my working desk ! ;-) Like I do enjoy the Eames cards