Thursday 28 March 2013

Easter holiday

Time for a little break and moments with family. 
I wish you a fresh and relaxed Easter holiday….
and just few my favorite decoration ideas for this time of the year. 

inspiratie 1  via petitapetitandfamily / 2 -Rafa-kids 3 

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Yellow in kids' room

Yellow is one of my favorite color at the moment. 
It would be difficult for me to dress up in yellow, but to add a bit of this color to a room could work very well for me. I really like all of this children's room with one accent in yellow.  It give to a space such a positive energy, don't you think ? Painting an old chair or coffer it is not so much work and gives a quick effect into the interior.

photo's : 1- photo Piia Arnould / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Friday 22 March 2013

Greenery at home

Since a few weeks I'm totally obsessed in getting some big and nice plant to our small house ;-) 
Maybe because it is so cold outside and I wish the Spring will be finally here! 

When I saw this apartment and article about greenery in the last Rum issue, I was just blown away. I can't read any Danish so I can only tell you it is a house of artist Antonino Sciortino  living in  Milano.  Photos are made by Serge Anton. I would gladly took not only some of his plants to my home that's for sure! The hight of this apartment is simply incredible and 450 m2 , can you imagine ? The raw concrete floor with beautiful furniture and the Greenery !….It's so perfect to me ;-) 

I wish you a nice week end…and I hope I will find a perfect new plant to my house too!  

Thursday 21 March 2013

Hello Spring from Lauren Rolwing

The bear sleeping wakes up and flowers begin to bloom. 
( I don't see it - but I believe she is here! ) 

Thank you for your beautiful  e-mail Lauren Rolwing ! ;-) 

The Duchess' cook is making pepper soup
 Alice meets the Caterpillar

Illustration : laurenrolwing

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Pana objects

Lately I'm having a lot of administration work and e-mailing, which is not really my favorite work to do! 
I wouldn't mind to have this funny FRANK lamp on my desk to help me smile some time ;-)  
The Pana Objects from Thailand it is a brand made by brainchild group of friends. 
Beautiful craftsmanship & modern design. 
Pana Objects enjoy designing and playing with woods…and that's what I like. 

Monday 18 March 2013

Vee Speer

Vee Speers is an Australian artist living in Paris. 

"… In 2002, her passion for life backstage in the cabarets of Pigalle inspired her to revisit the smokey, 1920’s world of les maisons closes in Paris, using the backdrop of actual opulent locations which still remain intact today. 

During this period, Speers also began photographing eccentric people she met along the way, satisfying her attraction to those who dare to be different. But it was not until she turned towards her own childhood and family for inspiration that she became established in the art world for her hauntingly beautiful portraits of children in The Birthday Party. Her ability to blur the line between autobigraphy and fantasy, the bizarre and beautiful, is the key to these timeless portraits…"

interior photo : mokkasin

Sunday 17 March 2013

Dark teener room

Isn't this black bird beautiful and so reach in texture?
 I am in some dark mood today and really like the feathers painted with coper color. 

Don't you think that together with leather pillows it all looks so special ? I would like to make  a teener room of a girl with this colors and textures ….Let me dream for a second that it can be mine ;-) 

1 * black bird - I lost the link ;/
running girl - amazing photography by firstsightdaily
coper ball - from shop West Elm
6 * Rafa-kids teener bed 

Friday 15 March 2013


Daybed  from very special Andreas Mikutta,  got an innovation award in 2012.
 Just look on his site for more amazing design pieces, if you are minimalist lover you will enjoy it.
 I'm totally into simplicity in life at the moment. 

I spent a lot of time looking  for inspiration for our new A teen bed. 
The beds which I find the most beautiful and inspiring where the daybeds I would like to show you today.

The first bed is coming from Denmark, designed by Anita Johansen. I can imagine to have this bed in my home tomorrow! Looks so relax and beautiful.  Geometric pillows are from a new Danish company oyoy - I don't know who is the designer of this daybed, but I spotted it also in some Scandinavian houses so maybe it is some design classic from there? 
I hope you like my selection and I wish you a nice week end.

Can you imagine it's the same daybed ? from here : vintage-daybed-enfant

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Dark bedding set Island is coming soon….

I discovered this bedding set very recently and totally felt for it.
 Monday I got the sample of the fabric and this dark grey pillow. It is designd by Gunila Axén. 
The same designer who made the famous clouds pattern, which we already have at Rafa-kids
I think this Island will be so famous too !  ;-)  

Do you like the other colors? 
I'm totally into the dark one and really not sure about the others.
 Any advise will be welcome!  Thank you. 

Available here at :  Rafa-kids

Monday 11 March 2013

Let's meet A teen bed from Rafa-kids

Many things are going on here at the moment. One of them is that Rafa-kids is growing!
Today is the moment I can finally show you our new A teen bed
The idea of the bed was born from getting e-mails from parents, where they told us, that they really like our F&R set of beds, but their second child is too old to enjoy the R toddler bed for long. Today we can finally show you how we fulfill this need. 
Rafa-kids A teen bed fits perfectly under the F bunk bed and makes together an F&A set, for older children. The two beds are in adult size and can be used for many years. The bed is low and gives enough comfort space to sit on the bed, read and just enjoy it during the day. We designed a very compact bed, which doesn't take much space in the room and it can be use also like a daybed or in the guest room, when the child moves out from the house.  We really like the simplicity and elegant lines of this bed. You can see and read more on our website : Rafa-kids . Enjoy! 

Rafa-kids collection - photo session in our new studio is coming in May!  I can't wait. 
New A teen bed is ready for pre-orders and will be available in mid - April.