Saturday, 26 November 2011

Nature in children rooms - part 1

I really like old houses where the wooden beams and construction elements are left to be seen. This immediately gives the space a great character. The nature theme goes further so well with linen pillows, recycled materials, raw textures and colors.  Vintage furniture completes it wel. It fits children from differed age too. Room for 10 years old boy or just for the baby? Can be all!  Do you see the little sticks on the wall in the baby room - I like them so much! The pallet of grey and green in this room is just so rich. Of course wild animals , skeletons , botanic posters, maps are all perfect combinations! 
The By Nord company from Denmark is a great inspiration - just have a look here :  bynord
Who would not love to have a big bear to sleep with ? ;-)
Have a nice weekend! 

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