Wednesday 31 October 2012

Doug Johnston

I have a weakens for objects made by architects. Should I be surplice about that? I'm just convincing myself that studying architecture and becoming an architect gives me many other possibilities to work and develop. Architects are great designers - in fashion, furniture and like you see today can be also very good in sewing! Doug Johnston is trained architect and now creating vessels and sculptures by sewing braided rope on his vintage Singer sewing machine. How great is that? 

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Hendzel + Hunt for Folklore

I came across the High Shore Cabinet from Hendzel + Hunt at the Lodz Design Festival, where it was exhibited. Maybe you will not be so much surprised about it, because there is many furniture nowadays made out of reclaimed wood. I think this one is special because of the really high quality of detailing. That's why I like it so much. The furniture was made by young London based studio Hendzel + Hunt  especially for the Folklore shop. This very special place has a big passion for craftsmanship, quality, simplicity and durability. Last days I'm very into interior design of stores, where simple color scheme, and raw, natural and reclaimed materials, are exposed. 

Monday 29 October 2012

Design for children at Lodz Design 2012

Ewa Solarz was a curator of the "Design for children" exhibition
 and I really enjoyed her selection of modern toys and furniture for kids. 

At the festival there was also a special room, where parents can leave their kids to play. Nice idea especially for parents with a bit younger kids who want to see the exhibition without kids running around them all the time;-) There was many great design objects for kids! Classic design with temporary products. A playful corner at the festival. My son fell in love with the cupboard red car from " Trzy myszy"

MUST HAVE at Lodz Design Festival 2012

So here we are at the MUST HAVE exhibition at Lodz Design Festival with our Rafa-kids beds
The industrial spirit of the space, big windows full of sun and inspiring design objects all around…..

bar mugs

more photo's from the festival at the Festival FB page : Lodz.Design.fanpage

Sunday 28 October 2012

Exhibition : Ilustowany elementarz Dizajnu

I wrote about this new up coming book not such a long time ago :

What a pleasure to see the exhibition and all the illustrations in real: 100-rzeczy-narysowanych-przez-25-ilustratorow. The place was truly amazing. Old building left unchanged for many years was a perfect scenography. The book is a must have ;-) you can get it here : Wytwornia

outside the museum….

Place : Muzeum Ksiazki Artystycznej - Tymienieckiego 24 - Lodz - Poland

Autumn in Poland

We are back from small holiday  in Poland. We enjoyed the sunny days so much. 
Golden Autumn at its best…. 
No work and no web life for me. I had great days in Lodz…
I need a bit of time to select pictures for you to show next week. 

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Leaving for Lodz Design Festival 2012

Tomorrow we are leaving to Poland, Lodz. The school's Autumn Holiday will start. 
We are so happy that the Lodz Design Festival is exactly during this time, so we can have a small holiday break. On Thursday night there is an official ceremony of the MUST HAVE awards. I will tell you all when we are back…. I'm so excited.  I will be back in 10 days.  All the best from me. Agata