Saturday 31 December 2011

Children of the 2011

A Chinese boy swims with the algae-filled coastline of Qingdao on July 15, 2011. 
Photo Reuters / China Daily

A pink march to the Oslo City Hall to commemorate the victims of the attacks in Norway. 
Photo Emilio Morenatti / AP

A Thai soldier carries a child away.  
Photo Surapan Boonthanom / Reuters

A young student walks past burning tanker in Pakistan's Nowshera.
 Picture Address Latif / Reuters

Dante Mitchell takes a bear along for the funeral of his classmate.
Photo Eric Thayer / Reuters

Mennonite young girls represent their school in the Mexican Juarez Valley on May 18. 
Gael Gonzalez Photo / Reuters

Amazing selection of photographs made by dutch journalists from nrc magazine. World during the past year - focused on Libia, Pakistan, Iran - not all reflected in the newspapers, television or the internet. And the children, who often remain invisible in the background. 
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Happy New Year!

via : 2012

The year of 2011 is coming to an end today. I'm in a strange mood. You too? Summaries, confessions, wonderings and plans. Thank you for joining my blog in 2011 and staying with me. I hope the next year will bring new challenges to my life as well as yours. 

I wish you all a good Year 2012 and let's keep the positive and inspiring energy with us.
Happy New Year! 

Portrait of youself

We have taken some wrapping paper and made a portrait of my son. He drew his face and painted the rest. Its such a great simple project to make and to keep for memories!I really like the last photo where my son grabs the hand of his portered self. It is like a connection with your inner personality- isn't it?

Friday 30 December 2011

Memory game - Nora von der Decken

Today another memory-game. This time from an artist Nora von der Decken. Sometimes I think we can do it from any kind of drawing or photos, it is such a great toy! Nora von der Decken created 96 cards (5x5cm) in limited edition of 500, inspiried by Mannaputs concept:
 " Mannaputs " is a project she is working on since February 2006. Nora is painting small (8x8cm) paintings , each is uniquely named and numbered . The small works are placed in different locations to be picked up and encouraged to keep by whoever finds them. Nora also frequently gives them to traveling friends to distribute in strange lands. Placement is documented with photographs. This is an ongoing project and will be continued indefinitely. I really like it. 

official site of Nora  :

Thank you MiMa!  I founded it via your comment on my blog ;-) 

Thursday 29 December 2011

JouJou - Jana Nachlingerová

Yesterday I got my package from the fresh and just opened webshop Kickcan&Conkers. Its a place for real treasure lovers! One of the small gifts for myself and my sons is the jeu-de-memoire-pairs-memory-game with illustrations of Jana Nachlingerová. She is a young (1983) and talented artist from Czech Republic. We've played the game many times already. I love the simple shapes of Jana's figures and thats why I got an idea of trying to make some nice drawings of them. My son really liked to do that even though he doesn't really like to draw!  So thats a great exception! I think the next time we will try to cut some colorful paper instead of marker. Franek is home the coming few days so I hope we will have some great creative time together. 

Jana official site  : Jana Nachlingerová

Back from Schiermonnikoog

I like so much the long shadows of the December Sun.  We were so lucky to got sunny Christmas days on the Schiermonnikoog. We had to leave the car before we got to the island and step on the boat to enter this beautiful Dutch landscape….No snow this time. It would be great for kids to go on sled down the dunes. It was quiet, it was relaxing. Some cycling with kids and friends, some sleepless nights because of our waking up son…but it was good. Now it is time to enjoy the few last days of this year. 

Friday 23 December 2011

Leaving for Christmas

We are leaving today to a little Dutch island for few days. 
I want to wish you all Merry Christmas. 
Enjoy the special moments we were waiting for all year long ;-)
Stay warm and take care. 

Wyruszamy na kilka dni wakacji na maleńką holenderską wyspę. 
Mam nadzieję, że oderwiemy się od codzienności i odpoczniemy.
Pierogi i uszka do barszczu zapakowane, makowce jeszcze ciepłe tez już są w torbie.
Życzę wszystkim Wspaniałych Świat i dużo ciepła tego duchowego najbardziej.
Pięknych chwil i do zobaczenia za kilka dni.


Wednesday 21 December 2011

Natural beauty

It is really busy out here so thats why I don't post much about Christmas anymore.
My younger son got sick, so its a bit difficult time with all preparations and a child on my arm all day long ;-/ I want to show you many things before Christmas but it didn't work….
I hope you all are doing good and you are almost ready ;-) 

 I lost the link for the first photo - sorry ;-/

Monday 19 December 2011

Memory game - Marije Vogelzang

Marije Vogelzang is an author of the successful "Eat Love book" and she adds a great memory game to her collection : " You Are What You Eat ".  In the memory game, the task is to find sets of corresponding cards and correctly matching a food to its effect on our body.  Beautifully photographed and with funny illustrations by Marije, it is looking like great toy to have - Funny and educative! 

This week I will spend some time in the kitchen preparing Christmas eve…. ;-) 
so I'm not sure if I will be posting many things. Have a good week. 

Sunday 18 December 2011

Rafa-kids website

 I think it is time to share with you some important changes happening.
 Rafa-kids is growing and soon our small company designing children furniture and accessories will start running alongside this blog. Today I'm so happy to tell you that the website is online with just the first flyer. 
I'm working hard behind the scene to get all things ready for the coming Spring…
I just can't wait to start with it.

Friday 16 December 2011

Tuula Pöyhönen - Global Hassock

I liked this colorful fabric ball since I firs time saw it in the Surrur book. 
I was writhing about this amazing publication already some time ego here:
It is designed by Tuula Pöyhönen from Finland.
I decide it can be a perfect gift for Christmas for my younger son. 

Global Hassok is a sort of Rubik's Cube - which you can do in any size you want and with mix of any fabric you have. I've picked just some leftover fabric from my closet, (12 pieces leaves and 12 half circles ) and I used one IKEA pillow 40x40  for filling it. It was so much fun to make! My sons love to play with the small triangles - we made a big fight last evening  and at night I've connected all the pieces together and hide the big ball till the Christmas eve. When Franek saw it in the book - he wanted another one for himself - black& white one! so I have to keep working ;-)

Its fantastic toy !
Easy to grab for a small hands - colorful - inspiring - just beautiful - thank you Tuula Pöyhönen ! ;-)