Wednesday 30 October 2013

Green in children's rooms

Maaike Koster boy room green
Maaike Koster boy room green
Maaike Koster boy room green

Today I would like to show you this beautiful boy's room from Maaike Koster
  She is a graphic designer and interior stylist and you can find her website here :  mydeer.  This room has a great white basis and then Maaike  plays with only few elements. The green wardrobe is the biggest eye cacher + old trunk and a very unique toddler bed. This big elements actually make the room so special. Different tones of green used with smaller elements around it complete the whole look.  Maaike has definitely an eye for details - look at the green mushroom lamp , green pillow inside the bed, everything matched so well. Very well done. 

The second room is also having a nice natural colors basis. Designed by Nicole Rosenberg  for Little Liberty .Graphic posters give this room  playful character. Again we see different tones of green : side table, posters, pillows, they all bring richness to this modern and simple room. The last  baby room, has a green wall paper with animal shapes, puff and a nice plaid, also mix of green tones. Green is very positive and playfully color and I'm surprised I don't see it more often in children's rooms. My 3 years old son would love it! 

green baby room by Nicole Rosenberg
green baby room by Nicole Rosenberg
green baby room

pictures via : 1 room / 2 room / 3 room 

Monday 28 October 2013

favorite designer / part 3 - Christien Meindertsma

Knit, knit, knit…big, big, big…..
It's a wool time. Long winter days at home. 

I like work of Christien Meindertsma for a long time already. She is using such large-scale pieces of yarn from an organic flock of sheep to make the texture and patterns really tangible. Very beautiful. 
If you want to see how wool is made , look here : Texel Ottoman made of dutch wool .

The Flax Project below : 

Friday 25 October 2013

New KIDS cataloge Happy Lights is coming soon

Paulina Arcklin for Happy Lights with Rafa-kids

Two weeks ago took a place photo session in our Rafa-kids studio. 
we made a big playroom for kids. I can't show you the result yet, but  it will be a kid's catalogue for Happy Lights. I really enjoy to work with other creative people and open our studio for challenge. Ruth, is a co-founder of Happy lights from Belgium, and she also run a brick and mortal shop called couleurlocale in Knokke. She brought this wonderful products to our Rafa-kids studio . Paulina Arcklin , talented photographer and stylist took all control into her hands. 
 It was a great day and I can't wait to show you more! 

Happy Friday ! 
boy room  Happy Lights with Rafa-kids

some of the products on the photo : R toddler bed - Rafa-kids / bedding set - car-cards also at Rafa-kids / Lamps - Happy Lights / Giraffe - Inke Heiland / metal kan - Serendipity Paris/ 
poef - design Christien Meindertsma 

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Inke Heiland - wallpaper animals

Inke Heiland wall animal
Inke Heiland olifant
Inke Heiland deer

I can not believe that Inke Heiland is working already six years!  
I miss some how her simple and beautiful products, how come? 
Maybe because I do not really like wallpaper or wall stickers ?  
but I do like her modern animals ;)  
The idea is so simple : you choose wallpaper that fits your interior, 
and then select a shape of an animal which you would like to have - and that's all. 
Inke Heiland is running very nice blog , where she is showing pictures from around the globe with her products : in shops and privet houses, hospitals and daycares. Very impresive. You can also see her own lamps desing, small bedding & curtain collection and even a book :

Inke Heiland wall paper

Inke Heiland giraffe
Inke Heiland animals
Inke Heiland lion

pictures from Inke blog : inkeheiland

Tuesday 22 October 2013

züny - leather animals

züny - leather animals

Zuny is the combination of Zoo and Funny
Please be carefull to not play with them ! because on  Zuny website I found a note " Zuny is not a toy " ! ;) 
but functional product, designed to decorate your house. 

  I saw first time züny  at the Dutch debijenkorf, and I really liked it. It's not only looking good, its pleasure to touch it and its heavy ;) maybe that's why it's not a toy, because it can be difficult to cary it by a small child. 

Züny products are categorized into series, Zuny classic , Zuny Series and Zuny Cicci. The first one is designed mainly leather-based: such as black, white , brown and tan, and have an elegance and timeless appearance. Significant difference is each animal has eyes. Zuny Series is more colorful and abstract to give more imagination, and the Cicci mean " chubby objects" in Italian, and has the most funny look. 

" … Every animal looks slightly different because they are hand-sewn stitch.
 With which, it makes every animal unique…. " 

züny - leather animals

züny - leather animals
 leather animals made by züny

Good design is also well-packed….
penguin züny

photo 1 - mokkasin   photo 3/4 - nord-design

Friday 18 October 2013

DIY - recycle your plushes

This is the most amazing DIY I saw since a long time! 
I desperately need a Diamond Bertoia chair to do it. ;)
 All this lovely pictures are coming from jesussauvage blog
and I'm a big fan of her instagram  ( among other 24.000 followers! ) 

The idea of making a chair out of plushes is coming from Fernando & Humberto Campana , two Brazilian designers . It's adopted by her in a very beautiful and friendly way , and used to make a great chair for her two boys. I think many of us struggle with the plushes in our houses , since there is always a space for one more  ;) This is fantastick idea how we can recycle them. 

Happy Friday! 

Thursday 17 October 2013

H&M kids room collection

H&M kids room collection
H&M kids room collection

Have you already seen the latest H&M kids room collection
 I'm not a big fun of giants, but I think they do pretty good many things, so it's always interesting to have a close look. H&M have chosen few themes for children rooms this season . One of theme is the wild world , with a loot of print animals and nature patterns. The second theme is circus with a strong graphics touch added to this collection.  I like some industrial elements in the children's rooms:   big metal letter on the wall in boy room  and  metal red chair and old coper bed in a girl room. 

My favorite is the little boy with a bear costume plying in his wonderful room! !  do you see all the indians accessories, maps , tent, case -  it's just difficult to not like it! They look so playful and cosy. 

H&M kinderen home
H&M kids room collection for a girl

Circus theme for boy & girl ......hearts and stars ;)
H&M kids room collection for a girl
H&M bedding hearts
H&M bedding stars
H&M bedding set stars

Tuesday 15 October 2013

room for the modern girl

Giant-Apple- Pear - Pouffes

When you think about decorating a little girl room, the dark toddler bed may be not the first choice you will consider. When I saw a new collection for children from scandinavian brand Ferm Living, I was inspired to put brown tones together with beautiful mint and soft pink. I really like our Rafa-kids furniture in dark chocolate color, and I know they will go so well with other products and colors. That's why I did this collage for you, to give you some idea.  Your can find all the products here :

toddler bed - Rafa-kids / wallpaper & pillows - Ferm Living / lamp  - deaapmetdegoudenring / storage baskets - muskhane/ mint metal cupboards -HKliving / desk - maruni / apple pillows - studiomezz   / wooden hanger - All Lovely Stuff 

modern girl room - rafa-kids dark toddler bed

 My 3 years old son loves at the moment puffs ( to sit on them like for 3 second !)  an play with it, build on it, etc, I think this Giant-Apple- Pear - Pouffes are so great! Cloud is such a wonderful shape too - Cloud Coathangers  , don't you think ? Modern house to play from Hase Weiss is my favorite since a long time. 

modern doll house hase weiss
Cloud Coathangers

Saturday 12 October 2013

my live on instagram

 It was again very busy week for me and if you miss me ;-) you can always step by my instagram
and see what I'm into it at the moment. I do not share so much from my life out here, and instagram  it's a great tool to grab the small moments. Facebook page is my second home too, for all the Rafa-kids updates. 

My older son was having birthday two weeks ago, this weekend its time to celebrate my little 3 years old ones. This keep me busy too ;-) We got an amazing photo session on Thursday in our studio with Happylights from Belgium and Paulina Arcklin, stylist and photographer.
I really love this collaboration and will tell you more about it soon , together with gorgeous results. 

I wish you great weekend!