Wednesday 29 August 2012

Milk 37

Today morning I got the new Milk magazine….inspiring and beautiful. 
I will tell you more soon.

 I'm so crazy busy out here ….;-/

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Elena Nunziata Design - The Little Helpers

The Little Helpers furniture collection is created by italian designer Elena Nunziata for her degree project at the University of the Arts in London. It is a set of five pieces. 

The " Paddy" coat rack , has " eyes" as knobs. On the rail model, each of the hooks can be slid from side to side, while on the coat stand, users can adjust the rods position through the central pole. the 'Charlie' hamper is nicknamed the ‘dirty clothes eater’, who stores clothes in a lycra sack that allows clothes to accumulate until its belly is full. Children have a visual indication of when it is time to load the washing machine with their parents. The eyes of 'Melvin the magic bedside table' can be rotated up to reveal lamps within. Nunziata reflects that the table also serves metaphorically as a figure of a night guardian that watches over the child. 
Fantastic, isn't ? 

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Monday 27 August 2012

Place : Mini Scrap Rotterdam

Last weekend we visited Skrap. A very inspiring place for people who like industrial waste. SKRAP is a Foundation for creative reuse Waste Products, founded in 1984. This shop is selling for little money waste to institution, schools, artists and individuals. Next to the shop they have a small space to organize workshops and events for children. As you can see on pictures, my little boy was more than excited in this paradise of shapes and forms ;-) 

Sunday 26 August 2012

Before and After

My Image of The day.
What I can say?
Why we need so much staff? 

Saturday 25 August 2012

Globe and map in children's rooms.

When I came across this great selection of pictures on the Pinterest , called Going Globe from Dutchified I just had to share it with you. Last days we are traveling with my son on our big map, and I'm just looking for a nice globe for him. Old map is such a nice idea for a room because it looks great and it is educational. No surprise it is very popular in children's rooms.

Friday 24 August 2012

Our own Rafa-kids World map

We are still waiting for the arrival of Rafa-kids beds from the factory and struggling with problems which are out of our control. We are receiving pre-orders, which make us happy but also more and more responsible for our small customers waiting for the beds . We will finally ship our first orders to France, Switzerland, England and Finland …next week. To celebrate that we made a map where we are going to put yellow pins - 
our Rafa-kids touch to say: Hello world!  

I wish you a great weekend. It have an important week ahead of us, so I hope for some rest. 

inspiration via: nowandthan 
with a hope it will look like that….: 

Thursday 23 August 2012

moodboard - drive

Today inspired by raw materials and black shiny cars. 
In the mood for having a ride into some cool boy's room
Industrial style with black colors is always getting my attention. 
Special finds: furniture, posters, factory accessories, 
are all great elements to make a stylish boy's room. 

If you find it a bit to strong with all the dark elements 
then natural wood furniture, boxes and orange tones of textile, will add good touch to it.  
What do you think? 

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Monday 20 August 2012

MUST HAVE design award for Rafa-kids beds

I'm happy to announce that Rafa-kids beds received a MUST HAVE Design award. 
We are honored and very touched. Thank you so much. 

The laureates of MUST HAVE are awarded for innovativeness, functionality, ergonomic, quality and beauty of the Product. It is a selection made by a group of representatives of important design centers in Poland and media experts.  " … We recommend the following as must haves…"

If you want to see other selected projects they are here ... MUST HAVE

I was already writing about  : 

 photo's from other designers which I like : 

Let's take a bath!

It was a super hot weekend! Water…water water , that's what we needed. 
 When I saw this funny objects they gave me a nice summer mood and made me smile. 
Especially the bathtub stopper is so great!  All of the products you can find  at droog
There is much more great design there, so take some time to have fun to watch it! 

Sunday 19 August 2012

Holiday in the City

The school holidays are almost finished. Only one day left. Our son spent some time with our family and when he came back we had our part together without leaving the city. I actually really enjoyed it. I think the most important is to find the time for each other and be together, doesn't matter where you are…Like you see on the photo's the kids are happy with small simple things. And there is a great post at babyccinokids : " VACATION AT HOME " with ideas how to turn this time into something good, and enjoy it. We really did. 

in dad's shoes ;-)