Saturday 29 November 2014

keep it simple

I hope the weekend treats you well.
I had very stressful week so I’m looking so much for some soft and calm mood,
or at least a nice pillow to put my tired head on….

Please welcome in Rafa-kids' collection beautiful linen - duvet covers and pillows.
I selected 4  plain colours - white, grey, soft pink and blue…
which are a perfect basic to play with in any home deco. 
The quality, softness and beautiful texture is a perfect match with Rafa-kids' beds.

from Rafa-kids' collection : 

Wednesday 26 November 2014

STUDIO WM - porcelain black lamp

STUDIO WM porcelain black lamp photographer: Stefan Wolf Lucks architect/designer: studio karhard
STUDIO WM porcelain black lamp photographer: Stefan Wolf Lucks architect/designer: studio karhard
STUDIO WM porcelain black lamp photographer: Stefan Wolf Lucks architect/designer: studio karhard

Two years ago I showed on my blog work of STUDIO WM, remember ? :
STUDIO WM is based in Rotterdam  and they are on my “ follow “ list since then. Even if they developed a number of new products the black porcelain lamp is my favourite. This amazing loft apartment is design by studio karhard® with Kathrin Klock and photographed by Stefan Wolf Lucks.... and it’s not only about the lamp…but all the design pieces set together in this amazing space. I have to tell you, that I have a house envy and I’m looking for a new home for our family…it will take months, but I’m so much ready for a change. 

design duo WM STUDIO
STUDIO WM Dining Chair and Easy Chair for MENU
STUDIO WM Dining Chair and Easy Chair for MENU

Friday 21 November 2014

LEGO brick storage box

LEGO storage Bricks
LEGO storage Bricks

My husband brought a bunch of a new storage boxes for our LEGO lovers boys. Yes, a LEGO storage Bricks ! and you have to believe me, I haven’t seen any so stylish and well made boxes for a long time! I think they will survive a life time. My toddler is over the moon and play with them all the time.  We have selected basic colours : grey, white, black and two tones of blue. They occupy our living room since few days and I really do not mind. I hope that during this weekend my 3 boys, are going to sort out all the lego collection, and put them into this great storage boxes. Pictures are coming!  

LEGO storage boxes for children room
LEGO storage BRICK
LEGO storage
LEGO storage boxes for working space

Wednesday 19 November 2014

NEW for toddler’s room at Rafa-kids

Rafa-kids’ collection of bedding, blankets, pillows and baskets for a child’s room is growing this season. Since we have our own design beds and desk and make pictures of them in our studio I was always in a hunt for products to use in a photo session.   This time I have the comfort to play with our new little collection of home deco accessories…and it’s feels like a good start.

I like Ferm Living’s products since a long time and I think they are one of the best kid’s brands on the market at the moment. Now we have in our collection two new bedding sets for toddlers: bedding with triangles grey and bedding with triangles rose and little bear kite. Many parents buy our R toddler bed for kinds younger that 3, and then they ask us for a perfect bed dumper for their child. We think this soft pillow snake can be a wonderful option. What’s more? A simple yet stylish baskets to store all of the kids’ toys! ….and there is more coming…..

Get the look : 

toddler room inspiration from Rafa-kids

Saturday 15 November 2014

NEW blanket at Rafa-kids

wool blanket pink grey at Rafa-kids
cat and dog wool blanket pink grey at Rafa-kids
cat and dog wool blanket pink grey at Rafa-kids

This weekend became suddenly chilly and rainy. I enjoyed the Indian Summer of the last weeks, but I guess it is time to start prepare our self and our house for a more cosy days inside. The new warm clothes for boys are sorted, the new winter boots ordered….and the NEW products for winter going to be slowly added to Rafa-kids in the coming days. 

I saw this beautiful soft, pink grey blanket at the M&O Paris in September. I knew from the first moment, that it has to become part of our collection for this winter. The patterns are designed by talented Japanese artist Makoto Kogoshima . All Rafa-kids’ blankets are coming from a Finish family company. I hope you like it as much as we do. I think this blanket can nicely fit a toddler room through teenager time, because the patterns are so timelessly beautiful . 
Keep your self warm this weekend. 

F&A beds in a winter set with wool blanket and linen at Rafa-kids

Wednesday 12 November 2014

new posters from mydeerart

modern graphic posters from mydeerarts

dogbatman modern graphic posters from mydeerarts
dog modern graphic posters from mydeerarts
dog modern graphic posters from mydeerarts
dog modern graphic posters from mydeerarts

It all started with a boy’s room with a lot of green. Remember this post : green-in-childrens-rooms ?  I have discovered Maaike Koster’s work then and started to follow her artistic journey. Her instagram account is so beautifully calm, clean and just perfect to me. I don’t know how she does it with two small kids around, but still.…
Few days ago I discovered Maaike Koster’s new collection of posters with theme DOG…
and they are so cool ! Maaike stays with her monochrome style and twist of humour and simplicity. Well done! 

mydeerarts on instagram

Saturday 8 November 2014


Photographe et styliste : Annelie Klein Crédits : Kids on the moon, Noé & Zoë, Zara, Loud Apparel by fourmonkeys, BANGBANG CPH by fourmonkeys, NUNUNU, Kyl21
stars wall strikers in many colours
bobo choses collection AW2014
bobo choses anorak winter jacket with stars
stars leggings NOÉ & ZOË

It’s officially weekend and I see stars not because of Christmas! Stars are such a perfect shape to use in fashion and home deco. I’m very exited to see it coming all around in children's world and that many designers are inspired by it. It’s dreamy and classic shape doesn’t go out of fashion and get boring after some time. I really like the wall stickers, available in any possible colours. Bedding with starts is also one of my all time favourites. What about the fashion? The splash of super cool graphic stars on Bobo choses winter collection - do you like it ?  The gloves are absolutely beautiful. Can I have it in bigger size? 
I wish you a wonderful weekend!

restoration hardware baby&child furniture teepee with stars
restoration hardware baby&child furniture

photo’s 1/2/3/4/5 - 6 - 7/8/9-10

Tuesday 4 November 2014

toddler room with Rafa-kids bed in Australia

toddler room Styling & Photography by Catherine Wilson
rafa-kids toddler bed Styling & Photography by Catherine Wilson
toddler room Styling & Photography by Catherine Wilson

After my post about shades of pink
I would like to show you a cute room of a little girl from Australia. 

Since our Rafa-kids' R toddler bed travels in far destinations, the world seems small to us. Sometimes we receive pictures of a room with the furniture and it’s always such a special moment. All the pictures you see are made by talented mom Catherine Wilson, who is owner of catherineandgrace blog.  You can read  her own personal story about her daughter's room here : little-miss-toddler-bed I can’t say much more about it. It’s a pleasure to see ,that our design is appreciated and received with such a care. Thank you so much Catherine! 

rafa-kids r toddler bed Styling & Photography by Catherine Wilson
room for a little girl Styling & Photography by Catherine Wilson
Styling & Photography by Catherine Wilson of CATHERINEGRACE

Sunday 2 November 2014

welcome November

kirstie van noort ceramik
kirstie van noort ceramik
pastel pallet
slaapkamer inspiratie november 2014 | Fotografie Alexander van Berge | Styling Cleo Scheulderman

Shades of pink, how many of them we know ? 
light pink, champagne pink, baby pink, orchid pink, cherry blossom pink, cotton candy, dusty rose ,
and many many more... 
I'm surprised , that I start to like delicate pink and I don’t know, 
if it’s because I see it so often at the moment, or I’m changing…
Let’s welcome November with this rich, moody and soft shades of pink. 

Herman Miller styling Lotta Agaton
Fritz Hansen furniture
photo’s : 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10