Monday, 14 November 2011

Let's get Dutch with the Colors!

Maybe the Dutch are best known for their orange color but for me it is the combination of blue and red, and of course a lot more than that. I came across this two colorful design "hand made" clothes for kids - Kinchi and Dressme. Mirjam is a owner of kimchi shop. She graduated from the Amsterdam fashion Institute as a designer. Now she is making fashion for kids from vintage seventies fabrics and household textiles : kinchi
" What I do now is totally different from the conceptual minimalistic sculptured clothes I used to make. This is all about fun, combinations of colors, patterns and structures, and putting my vintage fabric fetishism to a good use."

The second designer ( the great T-shirts for boys ) is Liesbeth Soeterbroek from Amsterdam.  " I started Dressme 7 years ago after my son was born. As a fashion designer I wanted to make unique clothes for him so I started to make fun clothes out of recycled fabrics. " You can see more of it here : dressme

photo of the yellow cupboard from 101woonideeen.
 It is house of Anki zilverblauw also full of colors! 

Have a nice Monday!