Tuesday 29 November 2011

Cloud pillow

la casita  at  Elisabeth Dunker 

I see clouds everywhere ! 
So dreamy  soft and  light.
They lie in children beds, they fly above it  and they hang on walls.
You can still hug them if you feel like it
Perfect for a rainy Autumn day. 

thank you for inspiration :

Monday 28 November 2011

Vitra for kids / part 1 - Hang it all

Vitra is a furniture company based in Switzerland and well know for its creative genius of leading international designers. Their goal is to create products with high functionality and aesthetic life expectancy. Charles & Ray Eames have influenced Vitra's approach in many ways.  I can say that this company is producing classical modern pieces of furnitures that have been used for decades and never get out of fashion. The children are also customers out there! Many designers created furniture and objects specially for kids. Today I want to show you a " Hang it all " hanger designed by Charles & Ray Eames.  For me the beauty of all this objects is the appeal to both adults and children. This makes them perfect part of any room! 
More to come! 

photo : Petra Bindel - Dweel Magazine
photo : Petra Bindel - Dweel Magazine
materials via:  vitra.com / thebooandtheboy

Tekturowo - cardboard DIY

monster truck race

Tekturowo is one of my favorite blogs. It is all about amazing and really talented 6 year old boy. He is making paper projects to play with. Can you believe he is doing this by himself ( his mum is writing that some time there is a little help) Don't you think the details are amazing? The modern houses with the interiors - just adorable! I love the idea of making toys from simple materials like paper and use your imagination to create your own playground. I wish we all be so creative like kids can be!  If you want to look for more inspiration have a look at blog :  tekturowo

Wintermarket by Mikodesign

I'm so lucky to live just few streets next to Erika, the owner of the Mikodesign. It is a small label making exclusive hand made products. You should definitely have a look here : Mikodesign.
At her house, in the heart of Rotterdam, she organized a wintermarket where you can see and buy unique gifts for Christmas. What is also so special  - her two daughters ( 10 end 8 years old) are selling their own products too! In the girls garden house they made little coffee with warm chocolate milk and some cookies and muffins. My son enjoyed his lollipop but unfortunately lost in football! Yes, Sofia is not only creative girl in her sawing world but she is also great football player! ;-)  We got great evening and it was pleasant to be so warm welcomed and see the special products made by Mikodesign. 

Saturday 26 November 2011

Nature in children rooms - part 1

I really like old houses where the wooden beams and construction elements are left to be seen. This immediately gives the space a great character. The nature theme goes further so well with linen pillows, recycled materials, raw textures and colors.  Vintage furniture completes it wel. It fits children from differed age too. Room for 10 years old boy or just for the baby? Can be all!  Do you see the little sticks on the wall in the baby room - I like them so much! The pallet of grey and green in this room is just so rich. Of course wild animals , skeletons , botanic posters, maps are all perfect combinations! 
The By Nord company from Denmark is a great inspiration - just have a look here :  bynord
Who would not love to have a big bear to sleep with ? ;-)
Have a nice weekend! 

via : vtwonen /  femina.dk / lillelykke / thebooandtheboy