Sunday, 6 November 2011

Music and theater on our weekend

During autumn days I always try to look for some family theater performances in Rotterdam. On Saturday we went for De Dankbare Boom (Thankful tree)  Symphony of Antonin Dvorak with a beautiful story of a girl who becomes a friend with a tree. Do you want to know how the tree is talking through playing violins? and how the music sounds when we are in love? or when we are sad? The performance started with an explanation for kids how the orchestra works and what kind of instruments are there. We enjoyed the beautiful story and even my 5 year old boy was siting in silence for 1h ;-) and thats not all ! today another theater performance in Jeugdtheaterhofplein during the De Peuter & Kleuterdagen. Zeven kikkertjes (Seven frogs) really funny story about animals where children could sing, talk and have real fun participating! I hope you also had a great weekend. 
Illustration for the poster : Barbara Mulderink / Jeugdtheaterhofplein / de doelen -familie