Wednesday 30 May 2012

Funny accessories for kids from Linda Wary and John Meyers

Do you know the new shop for kids warymeyers created by designers Linda Wary and John Meyers? I can say shortly that the design duo create art installations, paintings, books and illustrations. Linda  and John like to get all of their materials from garage sales and flea markets, and arrange them in the shop and their home in Portland. They have a fantastic taste and sense of humor. You just can't mis it! Their son's Fletcher room is on the cover of the coming issue of Anthology Magazine. Like you see - its filled with all that spacial and precious pieces his parents are talented to find! 

Monday 28 May 2012

Plywood chairs - modern design classics

 photo Sofia Jansson via:
 Gerald Summers

It kind of surprise me, that many chairs I like are designed by architects : Alvar Aalto, Charles Eames and Marcel Breuer. Are these architects sharing a big love for plywood or is this just coincidence ? I got few questions by email asking about the quality of plywood ( material we also use for our Rafa-kids furniture )  I though I would pick up some old design classics and some new ones to show how beautiful this materials is. I think its a timeless material, easy to work with and with a high quality attributes. I picked up some of my favorite pieces, but there is so much more out there! Enjoy! 

Sunday 27 May 2012

Kids Teepee Tent

It's so hot here!  I decided It's time to make some teepee for the garden to let my boys to hide and play! Some of the teepees I'm showing you are from Moozlehome. Created by two designers Kate Clarkson and Dennis Harrison. Teepee tents are made in their homes in either Pembrokeshire, West Wales or Amsterdam, Netherlands. I really like their simple look. Here some DIY Kids Teepee instructions - I will make one this week! I promise ;-) 

Friday 25 May 2012

Favorite black&white blog - Time of the aquarius

When I got overloaded by to many thoughts, influences, things which I constantly plan to do.... I stop by some scandinavian almost black & white blogs, full of simplicity like timeoftheaquarius, weekdaycarnival and helenainen They look a bit similar, graphic and minimalistic…maybe only the helenainen is more sensitive for light and different moods - I really enjoy that. I always liked to look in other people houses and lives, and blogging world is making it so easy : to look through other people eyes and creativity. Thank you for that! 

I wish you all a good weekend. 
In the Netherlands we have a long one with the Monday - off! See you next week. 

all the beautiful photo's : Minna Jones from timeoftheaquarius

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Furniture recycling by Mimmi Staaf

foto: Mariette Svensson

Would you like to give your old furniture a makeover? Do you search for inspiration? When I discovered Mimmi Staff blog I just couldn't stop watching it! Full of colors and amazing design objects - a must visit place. This small design studio/shop is based in Midsommarkransen in Sweden. Here is the story behind it :
"… How did you start your adventure with recycling and upholstery?

Difficult question. My childgoods friend's mother was a upholsterer, so I had a idea of that there was such a profession, unlike my friends who thought at the beginning that I wallpapered walls! (in swedish the word for upholstery is "Tapetserare", and the word for wallpaper is "Tapet", so its easy to think you put up Tapeter not remake furniture ) I used to work in a sad cafe. Then I saw a course advert and thought I wanted to do something else. So I joined an evening class and it was so much fun. After that course, I started going to garage sales and form a vision of what could be done with different furniture I saw. 
When I was younger, it was considered disgusting to go to a flea market, you would not say that you had something from a flea market. Thankfully the times changed. I found a lot of furniture, joined more evening classes and quit the cafe job. In the beginning, I worked at a hotel at the weekends. Investing my live-savings I used weekdays to test my ideas and let go my creativity. I bought furniture at the flea market, learned to crochet and sew stuff and, from there I made my way."  

foto: Mariette Svensson

foto: Mariette Svensson

inspiratie via
Interview and  Mariette Svensson photo's via
all other photos from :

Monday 21 May 2012

Clouds pattern bedding from Gunila Axén

Today I would like to show you great bedding set for children and parents with cloud pattern. I saw it so many times in the Scandinavian children rooms and houses and I like it so much! Don't you think the simple cloud pattern looks beautiful in any kids room? Fit with vintage furniture or modern ones, can be for a boy or a girl. Gunila Axén has created this stunning and timeless design in 1967. It has become one of Sweden’s most famous graphic design patterns. The cloud pillow is one of my all time favorites. 

 photo : Petra Bindel