Sunday 16 April 2017

Family Time in Brazil - 5 years of Rafa!

Rio Trip
This year Rafa-kids will become 5 years old. 
Exactly 26th of April 2012 our website went life. I know it’s just a date, and there was a lot of work to create our brand before and after this day, but I wanted to make something special because of that. Since we started our own business and welcomed our second son Robert, things got a bit more intense and time absorbing. We keep running and working a lot, and as our work is our passion it’s always a bit different. You get a lot of energy and satisfaction from what you do, but there come little moments, when you feel like you need rest. Real rest, when you can step out of your shoes, and get a new perspective. I hope the blue sky in Brazil will help us to do that, and the warm breeze will take us somewhere we don’t know, and we can finally just let go….

If you would like to follow our 5 years Celebration Family trip to Brazil 
you can find Rafa here on Instagram
I will try to give you a little update from time to time. Of course, 
after we will be back, I will tell you more. Take care and Stay Good. 
Rio Trip
Rio Trip

Sunday 2 April 2017

Planes, trains & automobiles

Toddler room at Inside Out magazine - Australia
R toddler bed from Rafa-kids in Inside Out magazine - Australia

We are not leaving the toddlers’ playground from our last post : Let's Play with Monsters but we just keep playing. The theme chosen to create this room was all that moves : planes, trains and automobiles. My boys’ would love it!  Rafa-kids R toddler bed with wheels, fits perfectly here. How is it possible, that I never thought about it before! 
This beautiful styling was created by Jessica Hanson and photographed by Sam McAdam-Cooper, 

I don’t even know where to start to say what I like the most about this set. The Aeroplane shelf is just so cool. Personalised wooden letters with the name of your child, and little cloud lamp, and wooden planes flying around….. little details, making this minimal and modern space so special.  Of course this BLUE! what a beautiful, colour to choose for a child’s room. It makes it so dreamy and relaxed.

Selection of Playful toys for toddlers by Jessica Hanson - Inside Out Magazine
InsideOut magazine - Rafa-kids toddler bed