Wednesday 27 November 2013


bastisRIKE design
Christmas cards Henrike Schoen
Christmas card Henrike Schoen

No, I'm not in the mood for Christmas ….
but I'm always looking for some simple cards for this time of the year. I still send them! 
This ones from bastisRIKE are close by to what I like. I came across blog of Henrike Schoen and I really liked what I saw. Henrike, called Rike lives in Siegburg, Germany. She offers many beautiful and simple paper goodness , especially stamps and textiles.  You can find her on Etsy and Dewanda, it's a great range of creative good design! 

Henrike Schoen textile design

Henrike Schoen textile design

Henrike Schoen textile design black&white

Henrike Schoen textile design black&white

Monday 25 November 2013

let's play under Rafa-kids bunk bed !

Bunk bed dark chocolate from Rafa-kids

Forget the time, when a bed needed to be standing in the corner of the child's room! 
We are putting Rafa-kids F bunk bed in the middle of the space and create a playful, cosy and fun room to use. Don't you think that the space under bunk bed is perfect to play and create your child's magic world ? It's not only pleasant to look at, it's actually so great to put it in action! 

And yes, we are a parents of two boys, and  they love cars, and they love to play on the floor a lot and use pillows to make fights!  The dark bed can be actually a very cosy and nice background for all the toys we have in a child's room! 

 Rafa-kids Bunk bed dark chocolate - Let's play under the bed!
Boy room with bunk bed dark chocolate from Rafa-kids
boy room with red&gray and dark chocolate bed from Rafa-kids
When you look at my mood board: 
To create this space I wanted to paint one wall in gray color, to calm a bit the dark tone of the bed. Then I used red accents to make it playful. A lot of different pillows, black&white ones to make it a bit graphic. Favorite poster, some boxes for storage and a lot of space to play!  Our boys didn't want to leave the studio when they saw what we made for them, with their toys and books! 

Products on the pictures :
2. Red box/ case - Loods 5 / Sliedrecht
3. Black lamp - Loods 5 / Sliedrecht
4. Carpets - IKEA
5 . Pillows: black with white circle - Volt , red/black/stripes - hand made ;-) 
6 . All accessories & poster from our boys' room 

Sunday 24 November 2013


farrow-ball  mood board
farrow-ball  gray
farrow-ball  mood board

I like so much the new look of colors at farrow-ball
They were presented in the form of those edgy mood boards. Simple but very inspiring. 


Friday 22 November 2013

Yellow in boy's room

Yellow for boy's room
Collage above via : minordetales with Rafa-kids F bunk bed. 

What do you think about yellow for children's room ? I really like the collage from minordetales , because it has a bit of gray tones which calm down this color a bit. The Eero Aarnio Ball Chair for kids looks so cool and plenty playful accessories for a little boy, make this room so good. 

This week I came across the Dutch magazine " Wonen met kinderen" , with this very interesting toddler's room also with yellow accessories.  Photos are made by Bart Brussee and styling Esther Loonstijn. It looks very fresh and cosy at the same time. I like the mix of simple white furniture ( bed , desk, wardrobe) , and then together with bedside cabinet made out of old wood and other accessories in natural colors. The yellow has also not only one tone, but match with mustard and beige.  It's been a while since I have seen something so inspiring! 

I wish you a great Friday! 

yellow boy's room  photo Bart Brussee - styling Esther Loonstijn
yellow boy's room  photo Bart Brussee - styling Esther Loonstijn
yellow toddler's room  photo Bart Brussee - styling Esther Loonstijn
photo's : Bart Brussee - styling Esther Loonstijn for " Wonen met kinderen" 

Thursday 21 November 2013

INKKIT in gold

INKKIT gold confetti
INKKIT in gold  tape gold

Do you like packing the presents ? I think I like this part more, than buying them!  
When I look at INKKIT I just imagine to have a little corner at home with all this lovely accessories. 
It's difficult to choose which color of the stationery collection I like the most this year. 
  INKKIT has it in gold - silver - white - gray or black . What would you go for ? 

INKKIT gold decoration

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Beau Loves & Flannery O'Kafka for winter 2013

I almost never talk about fashion for kids on my blog, but this is something I just can't pass by. 
Talented Scots photographer Flannery O'Kafka and a young British kid's fashion brand Beau Loves - made an absolutely special duo. I adore style of photography of Andrea, which is going so well with the mainly monochrome pallet of the new collection of Faye Wilde. The graphic touch and a splash of mustard work so well together! The clothes are super comfy and playful, I think I will struggle not to get few thing for my small monster at home. 
And what about this black&white new bedding collection ? Can you resist ? 

photo's © flannery o'kafka | all rights reserved

Tuesday 19 November 2013

built-in beds in small spaces

boy room from house of Ulrika Lundgren

Some times having a small space can be very inspiring. 
Do you see how little this 2 rooms are, and how wonderfully the space is being used? 
The beds are lifted from the ground, making a perfect storage under. The examples I would like to show you, are very clean and simple. You can make the construction from plywood and paint it afterwards. The only negative part is, you can't move it afterwords ;-) The windows are giving so much light and make a perfect place to hang out, don't you think ? 
The last bed is designed by an architect Guilherme Torres and made especially for this room. It is sort of platform for putting two mattresses for kids. Small drawers under are so perfect to use and organized the room well. 

built-in beds in small space
smart storage under bed

photo's  1 from house of Ulrika Lundgren / 2/ 3

Sunday 17 November 2013

In the mood for dark chocolate

Rafa-kids R toddler bed dark chocolate

R toddler bed dark chocolate

 " The bed is not black " I keep saying this to people, it's accully a dark chocolate. 
They look at me…oh yes, it's just dark, you know.  Yes, it is , and then I still want to show you how rich, elegant dark brown color this R toddler bed has. I think these pictures are finally helping to bring it across! We went for a dark chocolate color, because of it's natural beautiful tone which will go so great with other natural materials like wool, wood, leather and of course other colors too. I choose for this cute toddler's room to use a bit of decoration in mint color.  I hope you can feel how cosy and warm this little space, created around a child's world, can be. 

Rafa-kids R toddler bed dark chocolate
Rafa-kids mood board R toddler bed dark chocolate

When you look at my mood board: 
You can see that not all elements match with the pictures. I'm making my moodboard to just imagine the atmosphere I would like to create in a child's room. Then I go to few stores and collect products, which fit to the main concept. It's a puzzle I just made. I hope you like the final effect! 

Products on moodboard : 
2. Lamp + white metal closet - HKliving 
3. Bedding set - FermLiving 
4. Pillow deer - Bloomingville  
5. Pillow leather + squirrel -  zusss  
6. Plaid H&M 
7. Chair - Storebror 
8. Wallpaper - Piet Hein Eek
9. Paper balls ornament set - Hausedoctor 

Products I used for picture :
2. Standing lamp & little knitted pouf - home collection of Loods5 
5. Paper animals - Mibo 
6. White rocking chair - IKEA 
7. Wooden clock - tikutiku
8. Paper balls - Engel punt 

Friday 15 November 2013

plywood & vtwonen huiscollectie

vtwonen huiscollectie

Do you like the natural look of plywood ? 

  I'm a big fan of this material , especially birch plywood which we also use for Rafa-kids furniture. Plywood is an easy material to work with and also strong. Dutch magazine vtwonen has their own home collection of furniture and accessories.  One of the series includes a simple plywood furniture. They are delivered in raw version, so you can paint it in any way you would like. I especially like the  shelf system ( plywood board and then small shelfs attached to it)  . So simple ideas, that accully its easy to make it yourself.  ;) 

Happy weekend to all of you! 

vtwonen huiscollectie
vtwonen huiscollectie
vtwonen huiscollectie

Wednesday 13 November 2013

favorite designer / part 4 - Caroline Gomez

Caroline Gomez mirror and hooks
Caroline Gomez design
Caroline Gomez design studio

When did it all start? Slow food, slow fashion, slow design and simply 'slow life' trend….. 

For Caroline Gomez  it meant creating objects in limited series. 
They are pure in their simplicity and perfect in craftsmanship. She is a French designer know mostly for her simple and functional objects and focus on natural materials. I really like the minimal look but in the same time expression of wood in her designs. 

On the first picture : new Collection IS - mirror and hooks, so simple and playful at the same time. 

Caroline Gomez design
Caroline Gomez design

In the Netherlands available at :