Tuesday, 14 January 2014

knit animals BLA BLA

Do you know already Bla bla kids
I was looking at this brand a bit skeptical for a while, because it's to cute for my own taste…but then, the other day, I look carefully at my 3 years old son favorite knitted animal,  and I realize that Bla Bla dolls are probably loved by kids a lot ;-) They have this traditional look, cosy and frendly. My little boy has this animal ( on the picture above without any brand name ) since he was born and he will not fall a sleep without it. 

Bla Bla was created in 2001 by Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald. During they visit in Peru, they came across entire villages of expert knitters who had been keeping the tradition alive for generation…and the idea to start own company was born. 
I'm thinking of getting new knitted animal  for my son…but then, which one ????
 Cat ? Monkey ? Panda….it's not easy. 

knitted animals Bla bla
knitted animals Bla bla
knit dolls Bla bla
big knit rabbit from bla bla