Monday, 27 August 2012

Place : Mini Scrap Rotterdam

Last weekend we visited Skrap. A very inspiring place for people who like industrial waste. SKRAP is a Foundation for creative reuse Waste Products, founded in 1984. This shop is selling for little money waste to institution, schools, artists and individuals. Next to the shop they have a small space to organize workshops and events for children. As you can see on pictures, my little boy was more than excited in this paradise of shapes and forms ;-) 


  1. wow, clever idea and nice place. We have a recycle center here in Helsinki where people can carry things they don´t need anymore but this in better.

    1. Hello Minna, you can also bring things you don't want to Scrap, but most of the things they are getting from industry. It is nicely selected. I like the concept a lot.