Friday, 10 August 2012

Drache und Bär former Czarodziejska Projekt

Lena Hensel is an artist from Berlin and Grzegorz Cholewiak is product designer from Poland . They met in Krakow were Lena was studying art, and where they started their first collaborative project, the Czarodziejska project. So interesting to see this Designstudio between art, graphics and design. The couple moved to Berlin a little over half a year ago where they have new big studio to work under new name Drache und Bär. And what happened when they got a daughter Rosa? They designed an original and playful Toll'sToy for her. " We became interested in the idea of toys that encourage exploration (…) We didn’t design anything new per se but began rather to look more closely at traditional folk toys, at classic toys, and to reinterpret them. At the same time, we wanted to make something truly good, something that would last. " Fantastic isn't it?  If you want to know more about them just stop by and read an interview with Lena Hensel and Grzegorz Cholewiak


Running Wheel 

Skipping Rope