Monday, 28 May 2012

Plywood chairs - modern design classics

 photo Sofia Jansson via:
 Gerald Summers

It kind of surprise me, that many chairs I like are designed by architects : Alvar Aalto, Charles Eames and Marcel Breuer. Are these architects sharing a big love for plywood or is this just coincidence ? I got few questions by email asking about the quality of plywood ( material we also use for our Rafa-kids furniture )  I though I would pick up some old design classics and some new ones to show how beautiful this materials is. I think its a timeless material, easy to work with and with a high quality attributes. I picked up some of my favorite pieces, but there is so much more out there! Enjoy! 


  1. This is great do you have a catologue if so I would love one to share with friends and familydesign chairs

  2. Hello Rafa-Kids, Your collection of kids modern furniture is great and Charles design are also world famous. Thanks for writing these useful article about kids wooden furniture. I read your other article also and got very useful information with images.