Sunday, 20 May 2012

I'm back...

I think that looking at the pictures it is easy to guess what was the subject of our holiday ;-) My 5 years old son is fascinated with the world of knights and castles…so it was time to see some real ones! It's a beautiful region in Poland called Jura Krakowsko - Częstochowska. I was actually born in Częstochowa so I'm from that area…;-) Having only one child for few days its really relaxing and I'm happy we got some nice time together…and with my father . (on the photo too)
Tomorrow I will be back to busy, busy life….
Did I miss many things out here during this two weeks ? ;-) 


  1. jaka mila wycieczka :) moja babcia mieszkała na Jurze, jakies 20 minut autem od Ogrodzienca, własciwie jestesmy tam co roku, choc nastapiła wymiana pokoleniowa :)

    1. Ja swojego syna wzielam tam pierwszy raz ;-) i "obawiam" sie, ze trzeba bedzie jeszcze wracac.

    2. Oh, i've been there during my residency in Krakow, this area IS really amazing, like from fairy tales. Thank you for that post.

    3. Thank you for stoping by.