Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Furniture recycling by Mimmi Staaf

foto: Mariette Svensson

Would you like to give your old furniture a makeover? Do you search for inspiration? When I discovered Mimmi Staff blog I just couldn't stop watching it! Full of colors and amazing design objects - a must visit place. This small design studio/shop is based in Midsommarkransen in Sweden. Here is the story behind it :
"… How did you start your adventure with recycling and upholstery?

Difficult question. My childgoods friend's mother was a upholsterer, so I had a idea of that there was such a profession, unlike my friends who thought at the beginning that I wallpapered walls! (in swedish the word for upholstery is "Tapetserare", and the word for wallpaper is "Tapet", so its easy to think you put up Tapeter not remake furniture ) I used to work in a sad cafe. Then I saw a course advert and thought I wanted to do something else. So I joined an evening class and it was so much fun. After that course, I started going to garage sales and form a vision of what could be done with different furniture I saw. 
When I was younger, it was considered disgusting to go to a flea market, you would not say that you had something from a flea market. Thankfully the times changed. I found a lot of furniture, joined more evening classes and quit the cafe job. In the beginning, I worked at a hotel at the weekends. Investing my live-savings I used weekdays to test my ideas and let go my creativity. I bought furniture at the flea market, learned to crochet and sew stuff and, from there I made my way."  

foto: Mariette Svensson

foto: Mariette Svensson

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  1. uwielbiam stare meble po szalonej renowacji :) sama mam stary fotel ,który dostałam od mamy . Był obity brzydką skóra.. zamieniłam na miękkie obicie w kolorze czerwonego wina... to jeden z moich ulubionych mebli w domu :D co prawda renowacja szalona nie była.. ale i tak nadała zupełnie inny look fotelowi :D

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