Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome at my house

I would like to invite you all to see my house.
 My dear friend Kavka made this beautiful tour around my world!

So let's go and see it! 


  1. Gorgeous! Quite different to how I imagined it overall. Clean, stylish and easy to live in I imagine. :)

  2. oh I saw it already! Your home is truly amazing! I wish you and your family many happy moments there in this year!***

  3. Thank you for inviting me sweetie!!! Happy New Year to everybody!!!

  4. Agata, marvellous space and place, very inspiring. Simple, not loaded with stuff, plain colours. And what a nice gift from your friend!

  5. Thank you !

    Deborah - its just small apartment ;-) I have to keep it simple - I wish to have more things but there is no place for it ;-/ can you imagine my kitchen is like 3m by 2m ? ;-) but we like it here. Maybe in Spring will be time to go to the garden...

  6. Hey Agata love your home! Let's join agenda's for a meeting in Roterdam! Kus