Friday, 20 January 2012

Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

 ' Kijken door kinderogen is opnieuw leren zien'  
'Looking through children's eyes is like learning to see again'
is one of the themes from International Film Festival Rotterdam this year. For me one of the best city events ever. It is starting next week but today I have already booked my tickets. I wish I could move to the cinema for a few days, but of course my husband will be not so happy about that so I will see just few of the films. Meeting some of the art directors is also always really fantastic event during the Festival and the atmosphere is pretty amazing. Rotterdam festival is known not only for the films but for the great and engaging audience.  Looking for it so much! 
I wish you a good weekend. 

and yes, I finally found my perfect 2012-daily planner calendar ;-)
 beautiful work of Julia Kostreva - I'm her new admirer.