Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Storage under child bed

modular junior bed - nonjetable

I think a good storage in children room is one of the most important issues to be solved. If we don't want toys to lie all around ( it happens always but we can help by creating good place to put all the staff away) space under children bed can be a great spot to use. We can buy  bed with drawers, or we can arrange some storage ourself. I'm showing you today a modular junior bed by Najetable.  It is a company created by Finnish interior architect Meri von Renteln and it is based in France.  It is an intelligent and high quality design product. The bed is made of few elements which can be combined in different ways for optimal use of space. 

If you don't have much money and like to make things by yourself - there is plenty of possibilities. This bed on the picture under is a really nice and simple concept for bed with storage. Its looks like really small room but how cosy and nice!


  1. Storage is an ongoing issue around the house, especially in children's rooms where things seem to keep growing in number countlessly. And where else is the area to be best utilized in order to maximize space, if not under the bed. That area does not require additional floor space and can also help to conceal all of the mess in and toys will not be strewn all over the room.