Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My boys

They keep my life busy ;-) 
Franek - the older one is definitely a perfectionist who is already correcting me and like when everything has a structure. Don't like too much noise, do not like to be bothered and surprised by new situations, do not like when someone is not listening to him….and he loves to read - everywhere! Sensitive and careful with a big open eyes to the world around him. 
Robert - just starts to walk! Do not sleep well, do not eat well - because he wants to walk all the time! He is not scared of anything - he climbs all over , he wants to be everywhere but the spot close to mama is the best and he likes to have a lot of hugs ;-) He doesn't cry - he screams when he doesn't like something or when you take something he wants!  Short temper, big heart . 
You can see who is dominating this 'brothership' on the last photo - and me on the back ;-)