Thursday, 29 December 2011

JouJou - Jana Nachlingerová

Yesterday I got my package from the fresh and just opened webshop Kickcan&Conkers. Its a place for real treasure lovers! One of the small gifts for myself and my sons is the jeu-de-memoire-pairs-memory-game with illustrations of Jana Nachlingerová. She is a young (1983) and talented artist from Czech Republic. We've played the game many times already. I love the simple shapes of Jana's figures and thats why I got an idea of trying to make some nice drawings of them. My son really liked to do that even though he doesn't really like to draw!  So thats a great exception! I think the next time we will try to cut some colorful paper instead of marker. Franek is home the coming few days so I hope we will have some great creative time together. 

Jana official site  : Jana Nachlingerová


  1. Nice play and also the website of the shop.

  2. Bardzo mi się spodobały zwierzątka z dwóch ostatnich fotek.

  3. nina - gdybys chciala je sobie sprawic ;-)
    ta sa czeskiej stronie tutaj:

  4. piękne te drewniane zwierzątka, mamy podobne w domu, ale nie tak doskonałe:-)