Saturday, 14 February 2015

pouf for kids' room

white pouf crochet
black&white pouf crochet
black&white pouf  and rug crochet

It was silence on the blog all week, I know….
We were very busy finishing the NEW design for Rafa-kids and this was taking all my energy and focus. I’m so exited and can’t wait to show it all to you! 

Now it is finally weekend and we can enjoy family relaxed time. 
I have an eye on poufs for some time now. I don’t know were this is coming from, but I think they add such a great, playful element to a child’s room. 
I searched on Etsy for all the nice, hand made poufs  for you…I hope you like it. 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

photo’s links : 1  - 2 - 3  -  4  - 5 - 67 - 8

sebra pouf  for kids blue
colourful Pouf Crochet and pillows
colourful Pouf Crochet and pillows
pastel Pouf Crochet
Pouf Crochet  with star