Monday, 9 February 2015

modern wallpaper for kids' room

decoration children'r room with wallpaper
kids room wallpaper

ferm living kids room wallpaper

Picking the perfect wallpaper for a child’s room can be a challenge, 
but there are some fantastic choices out there . 
If you ask me about my favourite wallpaper for my kids, it would be either simple geometric pattern or free outlined, irregular form, wall decoration. Geometric wallpaper gives sort of background and doesn’t dominate an interior.  Irregular  pattern wallpaper ( like the one with different sizes of letters on the picture) will do exactly the opposite. What I like most about it, is that it can be accully child/teener drawing or collage and it doesn’t look like ordinary wallpaper. I really like collection of wallpapers by  Onszelf , there is plenty of this sort of creative wallpapers to choose from. 

wallpaper for teener room - oneself
great wallpaper for teener room - oneself

I’m so glad that the time when wallpaper was used through the entire room has passed, and now we mostly do just part of the wall to make it more personal and cosy.  

You can also often see, that people mix patterns of different wallpapers with each other. Please look at the wall behind the yellow wardrobe. I’m not sure if this is  ‘ready’ made wallpaper or someone made a collage, but the final effect is very impressive. All organic forms, like flowers, leaves or forrest elements are perfect to mix and much. Personally I would stay with more simple, one sort of wallpaper in one space. This way, I have a great basic to play and look for matching colours with furniture and accessories. 

yellow wall paper in kids room
kate ferm living wallpaer in teener room
dots wallpaper in nursery room
wallpaper for kids room
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