Wednesday, 25 February 2015

moustache - design with a twist

moustache - design with a twist
photo ©Photo Guisset
laps from moustache
laps from moustache

It’s a holiday break for my two boys this week. We are spending some quality time together als a family. My days are then mostly dedicated to my kids and I’m in a mood for something funny. 

French brand Moustache always surprise me with their innovative ideas. Their Bold chair and the Tiger rug are my favourite. The chair is made up of two tubular parts of metal and to me it doesn’t look like anything I have seen before. Which colour would you choose? Their tiger rug would be a perfect new friend for my little monsters at home! 

design by moustache

tiger rug by moustache

yellow design stool from moustache

Moustache was established in the 2009 by Stephane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio
Interesting article about the brand you can find here: two furniture manufacturers two worlds

“ Without the backing of a strong investor, in just two years Moustache has established a sales network that combines online selling with local furniture stores. The experience they gained with Domestic, the company specialising in small everyday objects such as plates and wallpaper, which the two founders have been running for several years now, was a great help. The seven-man team of both companies shares the storerooms and offices. Moreover, the contact to designers had already been established. That said, the fact that the economic crisis forced several manufacturers who produced furniture for Moustache to file for bankruptcy, made the initial years particularly tough.”