Monday, 23 February 2015

children room’s in vtwonen style

vtwonen kinderkamer collectie
kids depot letters decoration for the wall
kidsdepot new Dutch brand for accessories in kids' room
two photo’s above credit : kidsdepot
desk for kids from vtwonen hues collectie

Let’s start our Monday with inspiration for a children’s rooms. 
I choose to show you, some rooms in a vtwonen style, and if you are not familiar with this name, here is a small introduction.  Vtwonen is a Dutch interior magazine which comes out every month and is run by Carlein Kieboom. Instead of mainly following the trends of their sector, the mag has their own, very strong style, which you will always recognise, going through the pages. Part of their team, are two of my very favourite stylists : Marianne Luning and Cleo Schuerman

Why I like so much the vtwonen’s style and what’s so unique about it ? In few words, I will say creativity to mix old and new elements, vintage pieces with modern design, courage in use of different textures and colours. DIY ideas are very important part of vtwonen’s world. You will see a lot of natural materials, raw, not polish, sober furniture and accessories. Children’s rooms are part of this concept, and that is something I really appreciate.  Vtwonen even have their own junior’s furniture collection.

room for two kids - Cleo Schuerman styling
kinderkamer inspiratie
kinderkamer inspiratie vtvonen styling Cleo Schuerman
kinderkamer inspiratie vtvonen

photo’s credits : inspiratie - kinderkamer