Tuesday, 17 June 2014

multifunctional baskets

natural basket bloomingville
graphic basket - Ferm Living

Baskets are super useful for almost anything you like. 
Use them for laundry, toys, clothes, blankets or magazines. Some of them you can use even as a beach bag for the Summer to come .There is plenty of choice and they are made from different materials - paper, hand-knitted rope, rattan , metal etc.  Ferm Living wire basket can be use as a table. You just need a top to put on. 
I see them everywhere! ;)

paper storage baskets for kids from varpunen
storage baskets for kids
storage baskets from muskhane
storage baskets from rice

1/ natural baskets - bloomingville  
2/ gray/black basket - couleurlocale
3 / wire basket + graphic basket - Ferm Living 
4/ paper baskets - varpunen 
5/ natural-baskets - by Rose in April at molly meg  
5/  felt baskets - muskhane 
6 /colorful baskets -rice