Saturday, 21 June 2014

boys' room - 7 & 3 years old

bunk bed Rafa-kids - at boys' room - 7 and 3 years old
boys' room - 7 and 3 years old
dark toddler bed - Rafa-kids
boy's room 7 and 3 years old with Rafa-kids F&R beds set
How to arrange a little room for two kids in different age
What if they both like totally different colors and play with other toys ? Well it wasn't an easy job to do. Do you remember an old room of my boys ? and our bunk bed which we designed for them back in 2011 (!) ? The bed was a fantastic space saver but unfortunately was getting to small for my older son and we had to replace it with a bigger one . I didn't want any more childish look of the room and chose to get furniture which stay longer and keep it all simple. 

The boys got F&R set from Rafa-kids in dark color. ( how we could not, right ? )  We have placed it at the opposite wall than it was before and decided to put all the toys on the other site. Arek made simple open shelfs to put all the boxes, books and toys, and we kept it white. My almost 4 years old son loves the fact that everything is at his fingertips, and under his R toddler bed there is a big suitcase with his treasuries and cars. 

The wall next to the beds, we painted gray, and since my older one loves orange, we made upper part of the wall orange too and half of the ceiling. He said that he looks at selling when he lays and play in bed and he wants to have a color there too!. He got his orange puff and the  corner is his domain, since he loves to read.  F bunk bed is also his safe place when he hides from his little brother. I wanted to create a calm and modern look of their room, with not many elements since the space in not big. I think it's working well. Probably in 3/4 years they will like to have their own , bigger rooms. Crafting / working department for the boys is close to our working space in other part of the house, but that's a story for the next time…
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storage baskets / bedding set - Hema - orange fox - Donna Wilson - Luckyboysunday Pale Nulle metal cabinet - second hand

boy's room 7 and 3 years old with Rafa-kids F&R beds set
boy's room 7 and 3 years old with Rafa-kids F&R beds set
boy's room orange & gray
old locker  in boy's room orange & gray