Saturday, 7 June 2014

japanese paper balloons

fish japanese paper balloon
japanese paper balloons
japanese paper balloons
japanese paper balloons

When I saw this new big fish paper ballon, it reminded me of minirodini bedding set ;-) I liked the Japanese paper balloons for ages and I would get them from time to time ( mostly around my birthday)  They make such a beautiful and colorful decoration element in a room. I can assure you that they are not reaching my boys' room, but stay close to my desk.

If you are interested in some history, you can read it here : sistersguild
and if you would like to get them, which is not so easy! hereby few links :
in NL : engelpunt England: notonthehighstreet  
and Japan: uguisustore but with shipping to Europe ( fast one!)  

Happy weekend to all of you! 

decorating child room with japanese paper balloons
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