Thursday, 12 June 2014

floor bed

floor bed on a podium - Frederic Lucano photo
floor bed white  - french style/colors
Japanese modern floor bed
Japanese modern floor bed

I didn't try to create a sleeping corner for my kids with matters on the floor.  
My boys got their toddler beds, when they were around 3 years old. I know that some mums are struggling with sleeping issues with their kids in normal beds, and they try the montessori bed ( floor bed ) which in many cases is working very well. Low beds and in general sleeping low, directs my thoughts to Japan. I really like the modern beds, which have sort of minimal podium made out of beautiful wood. They look good but personally I will not go for it…. And you ? do you like this idea? 

children's room with floor beds
plywood bed - styling Petra Bindel
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