Monday, 2 April 2012

Welkome April with colors of Nani IRO

Let's start April with an amazing world of fabrics from Naomi Ito
When I found this Japanese label called nani IRO I just couldn't take my eyes from it…
I always find difficult to like any fabrics because of the standard repeated patterns. Naomi Ito work is so much more than 'just' fabrics, it is work of art . I love each of it! Her dot patterns are looking so irregular and beautiful! The delicate flowers will be taken by wind  in a second….  What is also great is that the fabrics are not costing fortune! I have just ordered a small piece of it  to bring this beauty to my wardrobe this spring. 

You can find beautiful collection of Naomi Ito fabric on Etsy here : Matatabi  and  Kicoli  and in NL  Mondaysmilk