Thursday, 12 April 2012

Accessories for children room from Our Children's Gorilla

Have you seen one of this products in some Scandinavian children rooms? I did and I liked a lot the modern and fun design!  Our Childrens Gorilla is a Swedish company which makes very exciting things for children since 2002. If you’re looking for a playhouse that totally faces off its traditionally styled playhouse then the Scull Cave - is for you! Its super practical, because when the playtime is over, simply roll it up and store it in a drawer. The small playhouse is an architectural miniature of the original beach house first designed by architect Andrew Geller in post war America.  And what about Facestape?  It is a tape full of black face features which can be used to make funny faces. The different motifs can be put together in all kinds of different ways. The  Apenhanger is for me a design classic . Our Childrens Gorilla is definitely: Great ideas and a lot of fun for kids! 

photo's from  ourchildrensgorilla  boy room : weekdaycarnival