Monday, 9 April 2012

Milano Design Week 2012 - Art and Design for Kids

From 17 till 22 of April MILAN FUORI SALONE 2012 / Milano Design Week is taking place again. I wish I could go to see it! For the second time kids design is getting a spacial room!  It is called KidsroomZOOM. There is a place for known children furniture like : kalon, oeuf, kidsonroof  and a new, fresh design to discover. Two talented sisters Maja and Mejra Mujicic will present their littlehorseandbabybeuys company where they are trying to explore boundaries between functionality and art. Sicilian artist Arcangelo Favata will present his raw and interesting objects! and much more ! here is a list of exhibited art and design on KidsroomZOOM 2 Milano 2012. 

"… We firmly believe that the experiences of our childhood are what make us into the adults we are today. Just as the artist Maurizio Nannucci declared: ‘All art has been contemporary,’ so our motto is: ‘All adults have been children.’ Even when everything seems against us, we know how important it is never to give up on our dreams. And that is precisely why we decided to adopt the name of an amazing new product that we will be exhibiting: a sledge on wheels – that even a lack of snow can’t stop – which was created by the Polish designer Szymon Hanczar and christened: WE NEVER GIVE UP! "

Thank you for inspiration !