Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Build-in sleeping nook

I saw the colorful build-in sleeping nook bed some time ago. I really liked it but I couldn't find where it came from! What a nice surplice too see it back in the May issue of vtwonen magazine! It is a room of 9 year old Olivia and the bed was made by her parents. The sleeping nooks are having a really long tradition in Dutch culture. I like the idea to use the space under the bed for toys, small shelfs for treasures and above it, it is even a place for a guest to sleep ( you can reach it with a ladder! ) . The neon yellow and pink colors are really 'hot' in this season - you can see it in the beautiful Scholten&Baijings plaid on both beds I'm showing. The sleeping niche below is from the last number of EigenHuis and Interieur
photo 2/3 for vtwonen Dana van Leeuwen
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