Monday, 6 June 2016

Monday inspiration - Rafa-kids furniture in children's rooms

S shelf from Rafa-kids
A teen bed white and S shelf from Rafa-kids

There is nothing so touching and inspiring for me than seeing Rafa-kids furniture in real homes of our customers. I thought I will show you few recent pictures for our Monday inspiration series. 

Our idea was to design a smart packaging for our furniture so we can easily ship them around the world. It is working so well now. Most of the time it takes only one week to deliver worldwide. It is so amazing that there are children sleeping in our beds in so many countries, even as far as US, Singapore or Australia.

Like you see, our furniture is easy to adopt to any modern deco. The simple design is standing out in a room without being too much. Our customers tell us, that our furniture is looking better in real than on the pictures. I think it is the matter of experiencing the quality in real. Only when you see the product you can truly appreciate how well it is made. Quality, that is what we care so much about. It is important how the furniture looks, of course, but how it is finished, packed and how it will hold for many years to come is as important too. 

Seeing pictures of kids using our beds always makes my heart bit faster….
We fill so lucky to be part of their every day life. 

K desk from Rafa-kids
A teen bed Rafa-kids
R toddler bed white from Rafa-kids
R toddler bed whitewash from Rafa-kids
R toddler bed white from Rafa-kids
K desk from Rafa-kids
Bunk bed from Rafa-kids