Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ashes of Roses bedding set and how I get things my way….

stone washed linen for children bedroom at Rafa-kids
Ashes of Roses stone washed linen set at Rafa-kids

I was questioned many times, where do I take my inspiration from. Well, it is not so easy to answer that question with one sentence.  Inspiration for me is a process of collecting fragments and putting them together like a puzzles into something new. I look at Interior magazines, movies, Pinterest , I like to discover new places and I’m carefully watching reality around me…even when I’m standing in a line making grocery. When I go to a caffe, the front window with the view will be always my favourite spot. 

When I saw for the first time this beautiful bedding - Ashes of Roses, I knew, we needed it in our Rafa-kids bedding collection and that I will create a new room with it.  As I’m not a pink fan, I’m glad to discover so many different tones of this colour and play with it.  This particular image of  iittala with issey-miyake I find very inspiring.  I automatically imagined cosy, warm and magic sleeping space for a little girl. Then I collected other elements around Rafa-kids furniture and created a new space called - Sweet dreams

What is my secret? Well, I learned to believe in my own feelings and taste. If i doubt, then I just don’t do it and go other way, I take a break, I take a coffee. It is not always easy, and I do have many doubts, especially if you do something out of your comfort zone, but well….this is just a part of creative process. The final effect is sometimes better, sometimes I’m not happy about it  ( there are some Rafa-kids photo sessions and furniture which are never published/produced  ) but we are not perfect, right ?  The most important is to try and to do the best we can. 

Rafa-kids bedding collection for children
stone washed linen for children bedroom at Rafa-kids