Monday, 2 November 2015

Monday inspiration - books in children's room

books in children's room

reading corner in child room
cosy reading corner
books in toddler room

Let’s get back to our tradition of inspiring Mondays! 
I miss these series a lot and I’m so glad to start it again. 

Today I would like to talk about having a special place for books in the children’s rooms. Many of Rafa-kids’ customers, ask us, when we will design a book shelf ? Well, I’m not sure if we will ever do some….one of my favourite solution is to make built-in bookshelves in a room. Since we need only few planks to store books, why not to make them custom? I care more for creating a cosy, comfortable corner with books than designing a new piece of furniture. So lets try to find, the perfect little corner, where a child can hide and has few favourite books within arm's reach…..Here are interesting spots that other parents have created to encourage their little one's love of reading. 

string shelves system
string shelves system for children
books shelves system
build in books shelves system
books shelves system build together with bunk bed
sleeping corner with books

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