Sunday, 15 November 2015

Let’s cuddle....

Shelf M from Rafa-kids collection
Shelf M from Rafa-kids collection
R toddler bed from Rafa-kids in natural finish
R toddler bed from Rafa-kids in natural finish

After very difficult weekend and all the happenings in Paris last Friday, I though I will bring a bit of light and softness into my today post…. 

Inspired by cheerful and sunny orange colour I combined it with sober tones of grey, patterns of birds wallpaper and a graphics touch. Grey is my favourite colour and I talked about decorating with grey here : children room’s with grey
Instead of painting the entire wall in grey I decided to make a small head board next to the bed to make it more cosy. Delicate pattern of birds on the wallpaper brings the dreamy atmosphere in this room. I got it from Chispum  and you need to believe me, that putting a wallpaper was never so easy. It’s like a big sticker with glue and you can just put it on and easily take it off, when you are ready for something new. 
And then I wanted to add a lot off soft accessories into this Autumn toddler’s room. Blankets, pillows and soft toys, we never can have enough of them. Blablakids soft toy Cat and Unicorn are designed by Florence Wetterwald. They have such a poetic, simple and vibrant look and are knitted by Peruvian artisans. Everything is made from natural fibres of exceptional quality and making the line irresistibly soft and cuddly. I feel like to cuddly them myself. I wish I can cherish every day, what I have and give my kids a lot of extra kisses and cuddles….. 

Blablakids Unicorn doll at Rafa-kids
Blablakids Cat doll at Rafa-kids
Blablakids dols at Rafa-kids

Rafa-kids product selection, where you can find it ?   

Standing lamp - Loods5
White knited big pillow - Loods5 

moodboord Rafa-kids toddler room with orange&grey