Monday 18 May 2015

Bohemian Vibe in children’s rooms

children rooms inspiration from Rafa-kids
kids rooms with Bohemian Vibe
accessories for kids rooms to create Bohemian Vibe - photo William Campbell
bohemian style kids bedroom
bohemian style kids bedroom with design classic furniture

Today our Monday’s inspiration for you, is a bit different from what you used to see here. No more perfect mix-match children’s rooms deco.  We go for ‘Boho Vibe’. 

Term ‘Bohemian’ in a modern usage is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic lives. Bohemian decorating is very personal and original. Their owners often travel to exotic places around the world, collect original finds and take it back to transform their homes. These spaces are defined with a lot of textiles, colour and art . The style is just perfect to create casual and playful kids’ rooms. Bohemian decoration is made with a lot of creativity, it can be more minimal ( what I prefer) or can be a real explosion off colour and texture. We will spot different furniture , classic designer’s pieces, vintage finds and modern deco.  I’m more than sure that if we would let kids create their own space, they would turn ‘Bohemian’ very fast , since they are little artists themselves. 
I wish you a great week ahed. 

bohemian style kids bedroom in Amsterdam
kids room with bohemian vibe
bohemian style inspiring kids rooms
bohemian style inspiring kids room

bohemian style inspiring kids room

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