Friday, 16 January 2015

time for a change

desk for kids birch wood whitewash Rafa-kids
modern desk and stool for kids from Rafa-kids

The black& white postcards “ Time for a change” or “ The time is now”  which you can see on the pictures are from Marcus Kraft collection of 20 advice songs in a little book.  There is so many nice quotes inside which I use and change regularly around my work space. 
I got them from here:   bijzondermooi

Inside Rafa-kids’ K desk you have this special place, where on the lid you can make a mood bord with all your favourite quotes. This time I’m showing you the desk and X stool in whitewash finish with a touch of blue.  This beautiful flaky fields mountain drops rug is my favourite since a long time and I feel so lucky I won it in a giveaway. When the days are getting cold and windy, I kind of naturally would like to nest our house with soft textures and warm elements .  Can you spot the simple and graphic wall baner ? It’s a new addition of the  “ Make your Own Banner”   with cardboard numbers and images. Very nice one! The design is from Ommdesign. The K desk in whitewash gives such a calm and organise feeling in a space….
I wish you a wonderful weekend ahed. 

white modern desk and stool for kids from Rafa-kids
x stool in tree colours Rafa-kids
modern x stool in tree colours Rafa-kids