Thursday 22 January 2015

storage for kids from ikea - stuva

toddler room with STUVA storage system from IKEA
IKEA storage system
children  room with STUVA storage system from IKEA
IKEA storage system in children room

Is the STUVA storage system for kids the most popular solution in children rooms? 
I see it so often, that I started to wonder why would it be so popular, putting the low price aside. 

Storage that sees eye to eye with kids”  says IKEA on their website. Telling us that the secret of STUVA storage is that it’s at the right height for kids. They find it easier to get dressed and take their toys. The system gives also a lot of options to play with and make an individual combinations. You can choose between open or closed storage, to hide or display your things, and also interior fittings, like shelves or clothes rails you want. I selected only the white examples, since I like them the most. It’s simple and kind of neutral looking storage system which gives a good basic in children’s room. 
Is this what we expect from storage for our kids? 
What is your favourite storage system for your children ? I would be glad to know. 

IKEA storage system in children room
IKEA wardrobe  in children's room
IKEA wardrobe  in children room
IKEA white storage STUVA system in children room

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