Thursday, 6 March 2014

new bed sheets for F&R set in Rafa-kids collection

Rafa-kids toddler bed whitewash
Rafa-kids toddler bed whitewash + bed sheet
Rafa-kids set for two kids F bunk bed R toddler bed

Do you know that mattresses and bed sheets sizes differ almost per country? 
I did not really pay attention to it for a long time but since Rafa-kids' beds travel to many destinations, I was confronted with a demand for it . So here we go, let's make parents' life a bit easer. We selected basic bed sheets and added them to Rafa-kids' bedding - blankets selection. I actually really like to put many mattresses above each other, and make a nice reading /plying corner for kids. Of course it was difficult not to select many colors, but I think you can easy add color with a nice bedding, pillows, and the bed sheets can stay a calm and basic. 

bed sheets for F&R set in Rafa-kids collection
bed sheets black& white
bed sheets mattresses covers in gray, black&white


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  3. These bed sheets seem to me awesome. These aare really good for the kids.

  4. Stylish and elegant looking bed sheets for this cute boy.

  5. I love the simple, gingham style of these and hope that they are proper high thread count sheets so they last. The style is beautiful though.

  6. Lovely Bed Sheets!
    Everything about that room is perfect!