Thursday, 6 March 2014

new bed sheets for F&R set in Rafa-kids collection

Rafa-kids toddler bed whitewash
Rafa-kids toddler bed whitewash + bed sheet
Rafa-kids set for two kids F bunk bed R toddler bed

Do you know that mattresses and bed sheets sizes differ almost per country? 
I did not really pay attention to it for a long time but since Rafa-kids' beds travel to many destinations, I was confronted with a demand for it . So here we go, let's make parents' life a bit easer. We selected basic bed sheets and added them to Rafa-kids' bedding - blankets selection. I actually really like to put many mattresses above each other, and make a nice reading /plying corner for kids. Of course it was difficult not to select many colors, but I think you can easy add color with a nice bedding, pillows, and the bed sheets can stay a calm and basic. 

bed sheets for F&R set in Rafa-kids collection
bed sheets black& white
bed sheets mattresses covers in gray, black&white