Sunday, 2 March 2014

my favorite from new catalogue HK living

 © HK Living | photo Paulina Arcklin
hang ball  from  © HK Living | photo Paulina Arcklin  | all rights reserved

I'm getting into spring feeling, which means I would like to change things at home, clean , paint the walls and just refresh our space. The living room needs some serious changes! 

When I've seen the new HK living catalogue last week, I was very much inspired by the simple and minimal look. This Dutch brand is running since 2009, but most of the time their life style, was much more colorful and full of textures, this one is a bit 'cold' and its really appealing to me. I would love to hang this big ball in our living room! To hide and to read some magazines, and I think boys would get crazy about it too. New, big picture on the wall, is really needed here! I always liked the HK living hooks, I'm so surprise we didn't get them yet. I think we definitely need something new for our hall way. And the last small things, Lab Lamps - in different colors, especially black with yellow, look nice, when putted together. 
What is your favorite item from the new HK catalogue

 © HK Living | photo Paulina Arcklin  | all rights reserved
photo posters   © HK Living | photo Paulina Arcklin
Lab Lamp © HK Living | photo Paulina Arcklin
twing hooks from  HK Living

colorful hooks  from HK Living

colorful hooks + chair  from HK Living